• Uji (Hahan) Handoko Eko Saputro

    OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual 2020 - Studio Visit: Uji "Hahan" Handoko

  • Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo - Make or Break

    Make or Break talk about their project, Care for Bridges 2020, Yokohama Museum of Art

  • Patrick Pound

    Patrick Pound - A Collection of Stranger Things, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 2020

  • Patrick Pound

    Water - Meet the artist Patrick Pound, QAGOMA 2020

  • Murray Cammick

    Murray Cammick - Flash Cars, filmed by Hans Western, Auckland 2020

  • Alan Constable

    Arts Project Australia Artist Profile: Alan Constable, David Hurlestone, Senior Curator of Australian Art, NGV 2020

  • Ronnie van Hout

    Artist interview: Boy Walking public sculpture, UAP Company 2020

  • Tim Woodward

    Writing & Concepts Lecture series: Tim Woodward 2020

  • Ronnie van Hout

    Ronnie van Hout interviews himself from his studio in Melbourne. Invited by Lara Strongman, MCA 2020

  • Noel McKenna

    Noel McKenna maps Shark, Ray Species of Australia, QAGOMA 2020

  • Anne Wallace

    In conversation with Sue Treweek, QAG/GOMA, Brisbane 2019

  • Anne Wallace

    In conversation with Angela Goddard, Director, Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane 2019