Tyza Hart

Tyza Hart combines self-portraiture with gestures of minimalist abstraction. Bodily experiences are foregrounded, but not always figuratively represented. Their installations, painting, ceramics, sculpture, video, and poems evoke ways of doing personhood outside prescriptive categories. These artworks extend from experiences of embodiment that felt simultaneously intense and dispersed, limitless and non-existent.  

Tyza has held solo exhibitions at the Museum of Brisbane, Carpark, the Institute of Modern Art, and Wreckers Upstairs, Brisbane, FirstDraft, Sydney and Gympie Regional Art Gallery. Their artwork has featured in shows at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Incinerator Gallery and West Space, Melbourne, Gallery of Modern Art, Griffith University Art Museum, UQ Art Museum, QUT Art Museum, Metro Arts, and OuterSpace, Brisbane, National Art School, Artspace, Carriageworks, and Verge Gallery, Sydney.