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Tim Woodward in 'World Dictionary' at Rearview, Collingwood.

21 July 2017
Tim Woodward

Each of the artists in 'World Dictionary' find ways to employ writing or the text doc. within a bramble of hyphenated production. The exhibition continues until 5 August.

Jon Campbell - Finalist in the 2017 Archibald Prize, AGNSW

20 July 2017
JC Two Sunny Boys 2017

Brothers Peter and Jeremy Oxley play in the Sunnyboys, one of Jon Campbell’s all-time favourite Australian bands.

‘I met Peter around 2002 at the Darren Knight Gallery in Sydney. I had made a Sunnyboys “setlist” painting, which was hanging in Darren’s office. Peter came in a few times to check out the painting, which he later purchased, and got to know Darren. I met him soon after and we have remained friends,’ says Campbell.

The band reformed in late 2012 and Campbell attended their first gig in Melbourne. In 2013, a documentary called The Sunnyboy was released, which followed Jeremy’s journey as he emerged from a 30-year battle with schizophrenia.

‘The film was very emotional and set the story straight about Jeremy’s illness and why the Sunnyboys disbanded in 1984,’ says Campbell.

‘The movie made me appreciate the closeness and love between them, which helped them through many trying and dark times. I tried to present this by literally painting them with their noses almost touching.’

Noel McKenna - Finalist in the 2017 Wynne Prize, AGNSW

20 July 2017
FNQ 2017.e

My work FNQ – as in Far North Queensland – is a scene made up from a combination of photos I have taken or seen in books and magazines. I grew up in Brisbane so I know the Queenslander-style house very well. However, I have never been to Far North Queensland, so my work is imagined but features things I know are there like palm trees, Hills Hoist clotheslines and the mountains in from the coast.


14 July 2017
Slave Pianos

On Friday 14 July join SLAVE PIANOS with Terra Bajraghosa (film) Michael Kieran Harvey (piano) Helen Hughes (text) Antanas Kesminas (set design) Barney McAll (upright piano) Maria Moles (drums) Natalia Novikova (narrator) Anthony Pateras (organ, revox) Richard Piper (actor) Francis Plagne (text) Erkki Veltheim (violin) Adelaide Williams (folk dancing) Stepas Levickis & Gabi Staugaitis (folk singing) and the Australian-Lithuanian Women’s Welfare Association (food)


7:30 pm Friday 14th July
Lithuanian House, 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Tickets: $10 - $20. Pre-sale here or cash on door
“So. You’ve seen the States,” mumbled Black Moustache. “How very, very unusual. You say they don’t, and never did, have negroes there. O.K. I’ll accept that. But tell me this: is it true that they don’t, and never did, have freedom? Does freedom remain nothing but a phantom on that continent of sorrow? Well?”

M. Kippenerger: Metronet
G. Maciunas: Expedition to Circumvent the World
V. Erofeev: Moscow Stations

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Noel McKenna in 'Artist Profile: Australasian Painters 2007 – 2017'

8 July 2017

Noel McKenna in 'Artist Profile: Australasian Painters 2007 – 2017', Orange Regional Gallery, NSW until 10 September 2017.

This exhibition brings together a selection of paintings by over 140 artists featured in Artist Profile magazine over its 10 year history, providing a comprehensive overview of Australasian painting from 2007 to 2017.

Kenzee Patterson and Andrew Hurle in 'Creative Accounting', touring exhibition, Museum of the Riverina, Wagga Wagga, NSW

6 July 2017
creative accounting 047

Drawing from alternative currencies, banking archives, pop culture and contemporary art, Creative Accounting scratches below the surface of the economic system to reveal money’s enigmatic side. Money is many things at once: an abstract rendering of value; an agent of propaganda; a decorative device. It plays a central role in all of our lives yet is often overlooked as an object of contemplation. This exhibition will connect diverse local audiences with ideas around currency, economic systems and historical quirks at a time when money is becoming increasingly abstract in the digital age. It will present a multiplicity of ideas, mediums and narratives drawn from a wide sphere, with local archives ‘mined’ for content to complement the international and Australia content. Creative Accounting is curated by Holly Williams from The Curators' Department in conjunction with Hawkesbury Regional Gallery and toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW. It is on show at Museum of the Riverina, Wagga Wagga, NSW from 7 July - 8 October 2017.

Louise Weaver in conversation at the National Gallery of Victoria

2 July 2017

Unplugged Live returns to NGV Australia this winter, running over six Sundays from 18 Jun and hosted by Jae Laffer of The Panics. Set in the surroundings of the 'Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990s' exhibition, Unplugged Live sees music and art meet at the NGV

Michelle Nikou, a e i o u, Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide

30 June 2017

In this exhibition of new and recent work, Adelaide-based artist Michelle Nikou draws on surrealism to transform mundane domestic objects and materials into sculptures of humour, poignancy and marvel. Her work intentionally blurs and extends the boundaries between fine art and craft, utilising chance, psychological metaphor and juxtaposition to inventively mingle high and low art sources and cultural references with deadpan wit.

Friday 30 June - Friday 1 September 2017

Chris Bond curates 'A small show of imperfect paintings', Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne

28 June 2017

'A small show of imperfect paintings' is a modest gathering of failed paintings by twenty one accomplished artists.

The works in this exhibition hover in a space where control over concept, aesthetics, motivation and technique has been lost or abandoned. This space is the domain of wabi sabi ‒ of imperfection, impermanence, irregularity, modesty, neglect, damage and incompletion.

Chris Bond (with Drew Pettifer) and Rob McHaffie are included in this exhibition.

Chris Bond wins inaugural BalletLab McMahon Contemporary Art Award

28 June 2017
Chris Bond Congress construction detail 2017 found book

Established in 2016, the $10,000 invitation-only BalletLab McMahon Contemporary Art Award (BMCAA) is awarded each year to a contemporary artist who demonstrates a commitment to brave and innovative practice that contests and re-imagines the boundaries of contemporary art in new and significant ways.

The BMCAA provides a valuable opportunity for one outstanding Victorian artist to progress their practice through the creation of a new work inspired by and exhibited at South Melbourne’s Temperance Hall, home of Philip Adams BalletLab (PABL).

Max Delaney, Director of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art was the inaugural BMCAA Judge and selected Chris Bond from a shortlist of five Victorian artists. 

The 2017 BMCAA shortlist panel included Serena Bentley (Assistant Curator, Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Michael Brennan (Independent curator and Artist), Hannah Mathews (Curator, Monash University Museum of Art), Patrice Sharkey (Director, Westspace) and PABL Artistic Director, Phillip Adams with philanthropist, Dr Marcus McMahon who share a committee seat. 

Chris Bond will present his winning work at Temperance Hall in August 2017.

Kenzee Patterson and Mitchel Cumming, # A dolphin in bronze / A dolphin out of bronze #

23 June 2017

Australian artists Mitchel Cumming and Kenzee Patterson present a two part exhibition '# A dolphin in bronze / A dolphin out of bronze #' that is ocurring simultaneously at Artistic Bokeh in Vienna and at KNULP in Sydney.

"Looking back through our shared notes and conversations. If I were to try and sum it up I would say the show (or at least our thinking surrounding it) is about the strange fluctuations of language between its material and immaterial states. To go a bit deeper, I suppose we are both interested in how this material/immaterial dichotomy of language impacts its relationships to value, meaning and the body (human and otherwise). Is this the kind of description Andrew is after for the show, or is he more interested in what we are proposing to present?”

Jon Campbell in the Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize

17 June 2017
Pros and Cons 2017.e

Every two years the Bendigo Art Gallery invites artists to submit entries for the Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize. The most outstanding work as judged by the selection panel is awarded an acquisitive cash prize of $50,000. The Prize was initiated by Mr Allen Guy C.B.E (1917-2007) in honour of his brother Arthur Guy (1914-1945). Works from the shortlisted artists will be on display from 17 June – 20 August.

Anne Wallace in exhibition at Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane

15 June 2017
Living Memory 2014

Several of Wallace's works from her 'Wolston Park' and 'Forgotten/Now Remembered Australians: Portraits' series will be included in a one night only exhibition held in the foyer of Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The exhibition has been organised by Access Arts in partnership with the Mental Health Commission.

Jess Johnson & Andrew Clarke, 'Chondrule Terminus', Dark Mofo

15 June 2017

'In the psychic heart of the Lodge, a throne sits empty. Something begins to stir.' A new collaboration between Jess Johnson and Andrew Clarke can be viewed as part of Dark Mofo, in the Throne Room of one of Hobart's Masonic Lodges from Thursday 15–Saturday 17 June between 8.30 pm and 3 am. For more information and tickets visit the website.

Kushana Bush, 'The Burning Hours', Christchurch Art Gallery

10 June 2017

In Kushana Bush’s meticulously detailed, stage-like world, religious themes blend with secular narratives, often manifesting in ritualistic violence. Her grand narrative constructions examine what spirituality, ritual and community might mean in a contemporary world. This new body of work from 2014–16 is rich with detail – each surface of gouache and gold is filled with references to illuminated manuscripts, Persian miniatures, European art history and modern life. These disparate sources bind Bush’s works to both the past and the present; the historical and the contemporary. Human interactions, humour, dramatic tension and intimate scale are her tools to draw viewers into a private conversation and, in some cases, a spiritual space.

Mark Hilton in 'unrealpolitik', Co-Lab Projects' Demo Gallery

10 June 2017
HILTON.2015.Half Flush printed playing cards resin 150 x 150 x 5.7 cm

Alt-facts, fake news, gaslighting, and cognitive dissonance have become so commonplace in contemporary society that we find ourselves wondering at times what, if anything, constitutes our collective reality. An unrealpolitik has emerged, a return to a system of ideology, spectacle, and demagoguery. In unrealpolitik artists deal with this foreboding quandary using dark humor, pop culture, and cryptic imagery that represents our contemporary State. A mash-up shouting-match of talking-points and counter-points struggling for dominance, dense and complex narratives reduced to a single image, an underwater political landscape, a literal house of cards on the brink of total collapse.

Louise Weaver in 'Soft Core', Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

9 June 2017

An exhibition curated by Micheal Do, in conjunction with Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and toured by Museums and Galleries of NSW, 'Softcore' presents artistic practices that explore the many facets of ‘softness’ - from large-scale inflatables and forms made from soft materials to materials that simply look soft.

Charlie Sofo, 'Unseasonal Work', Bus Projects, Melbourne, 7 June - 1 July

7 June 2017

'Unseasonal Work' (will be) (could be) a group of works that are made by moving in circles, around things (buildings, people, rivers), over & over again, finding & attempting to establish a network of warmth (hopefully), or being out in the cold (& being out of sync with unusual weather). This is Sofo's first solo exhibition since returning from a residency at Monash University Prato Centre, Italy in 2016. The exhibition runs from 7 June - 1 July.

Louise Weaver in 'Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990’s', National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

2 June 2017
LW Sparkling branch 1998

Drawn from the NGV Collection, it provides an in depth look at a period characterised by dramatic change as artists adopted new technologies and increasingly heterogeneous approaches to making art. The exhibition offers an overview of art made from 1990 to 2000 and includes works in various media from video, installation, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, fashion and design, as well as selected ephemera relating to various artist collectives, artist run spaces and various subcultures that emerged during this dynamic period in recent art history.

Chris Bond in 'Ways of Seeing', ARTER: Space for Art, Istanbul, Turkey

1 June 2017
Chris Bond Dark Reflections front 2016 oil on canvas paper 18 x 11 x 1cm.thumb

Taking its cue from Ways of Seeing (1972), John Berger’s critical text on visual culture, this group exhibition explores the various formalistic strategies that artists employ to re-configure our perception of the world. Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath of Art Reoriented, the exhibition posits the surface of the artwork as a space of encounter between the internal aesthetic deliberations of the artist’s creative process and the external often-conditioned gaze of the viewer. Ways of Seeing presents contemporary paintings, photographs, sculptures and videos, alongside artworks that span several centuries by artists such as Ghada Amer, Salvador Dali, Andreas Gursky, Mona Hatoum, Grayson Perry, Cindy Sherman and James Turrell. It unfolds along a non-linear temporal thread whereby the viewer’s desire to 'understand through seeing' is constantly challenged through artworks that refuse to operate along the rigidity of styles, genres, and so-called 'isms'. In doing so, we are reminded that 'the relation between what we see and what we know is never settled'. It is in this inherently political process of searching, that we begin to discover several ways of seeing...

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated 200 page, bilingual Turkish / English publication. It is co-edited by Sam Bardaouil, Süreyyya Evren, and Till Fellrath. With contributions by Mary Acton, Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, and Stephanie Moser.

Louise Weaver in 'Memory Bliss', Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, Sydney

1 June 2017
WEAVER.Falling Water 2015.e

A group show curated by Art Program’s ArtEx Coordinator Alex Kiers, Memory Bliss touches on the cognitive experience of artist and audience in the context of painting. In moments of production and reception, maker or viewer, we often find ourselves confronted with what could be described as a moment of bliss. Colour, shape, form and emotive expression from a range of artists will bring vibrancy to the corridors of the Hospital.

Jess Johnson, Hex Nemesis, Fremantle Arts Centre, WA

27 May 2017

For her first solo show in WA, Jess Johnson will transform the Fremantle Arts Centre with a wallpaper installation based on the densely patterned and constructed worlds in her drawings.

Now based in New York, Johnson’s highly detailed works are populated with recurring fleshy forms, symbols, architectural features and humanoid figures. Appearing to draw on arcane imagery and science-fiction, Johnson’s drawings have developed their own complex visual cosmology and heavily reference one another.

Hex Nemesis presents Jess Johnson and Simon Ward's collaborative video work Worldweb Allthing along with a suite of Jess's drawings within the immersive installation of her wallpaper.

Jennifer Mills in Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award

20 May 2017

The Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award is now on show at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Sydney.

Featuring Jennifer Mills' work 'In the echo chamber (red/yellow palette)' 2017, the exhibition includes diverse works by artists from across Australia including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, printmaking and video.

The exhibition continues until 16 July 2017.

Chris Bond in Personal Structures: Open Borders

13 May 2017
Chris Bond The Language of Fracture 2014 oil on canvas 31 x 27 x 2.5 cm

Held at Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and Giardini Marinaressa, Venice, Italy from 13 May- 26 November 2017

Michelle Nikou, a e i o u, Cairns Regional Gallery

12 May 2017

Curated by Melissa Keys & Kendrah Morgan, a e i o u is a NETS, Victoria touring exhibition developed in partnership with Heide Museum of Modern Art, 2016. Combining new and recent work, a e i o u sees Nikou intentionally blur and extend the boundaries between fine art and craft, investing unremarkable or overlooked facets of daily existence with new and unexpected significance. Nikou’s practice is also characterised by a deep engagement with language and she forges connections between art and literature that invoke suburban life, family interactions and food. Seemingly disparate concepts and materials are regularly combined to produce unsettling and sometimes absurd effects, such as the fried eggs made in bronze that lend the exhibition its title, the flattened egg forms suggesting the vowels of the alphabet.

On show at Cairns Regional Gallery until 25 June.

Maria Kontis and Noel McKenna in Close to Home: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2016

6 May 2017
Kontis.The patches I clear.2015.detail

Continuing the legacy of the Dobell Prize for Drawing, this curated exhibition presents the work of six Australian artists whose practice is connected by narrative, memory and experience. Exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2016, the Western Plains Cultural Centre is the only other venue to present this body of work. Maria Kontis' seven drawings are based on a group of found photographs the artist has been collecting for the past twenty years. The intricate detail of Kontis’ work is not a faithful copy of the original, rather a reinvention and poetic interpretation that elevates each photograph to a captivating new level. Noel McKenna’s series Animals I have known chronicles the artist’s encounters with animals throughout his life – tracing the profound emotional impact of those interactions since his childhood.

Jon Campbell, Danius Kesminas and Mark Hilton in 'The End of Time. The Beginning of Time.' Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, curated by Mark Feary

4 May 2017

'The End of Time. The Beginning of Time.' is the final exhibition to be held at Gertrude Contemporary's premises at 200 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy before the space relocates to Preston. The exhibition pays tribute to the dense legacy of artistic production in the current building and the communities that have contributed to and formed around it.

Jon Campbell's 1987 work 'Guitar Player' and Mark Hilton's 2007 piece 'Shit Happens' will be some of the historical works included.Other works such as Danius Kesminas' 'Best Kept Secret', 1994 reference the imminent move. Taking the form of a real estate sign indicating the sale of the building, and being presented in the front window, the work now seems aptly prophetic. At the time the instigator of many phone calls to the director expressing interest in the acquisition of the building (the listed enquiry line on the original sign was Gertrude’s direct telephone number as opposed to that of a real estate agent) the work has a relevance that has only amplified in prescience.

On show until 10 June

Kenzee Patterson in 'A working model of the world', UNSW Galleries, Sydney

4 May 2017

From dioramas to dolls' houses, atomic models to cloud-chambers, mandalas to maquettes – 'A working model of the world' gathers together charismatic objects created to help us understand the world around us and imagine new possibilities.The exhibition explores the way models are used to create and share knowledge. It asks how we use models to contemplate, experiment, invent and teach. Presenting new and existing artworks alongside emblematic and evocative models borrowed from public, private and research collections, the exhibition stages a conversation between different forms of material thinking from many disciplines. This exhibition is being developed and presented in partnership with UNSW Galleries, Sydney, the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York and The Curators’ Department, Sydney. The exhibition will be shown in New York from September - December 2017.

Rob McHaffie in 'Unproductive Thinking', Deakin University Art Gallery

26 April 2017
McHaffie.Reflection 2010

'Unproductive Thinking' features moving image, drawing, photographic, ceramic, sculptural and painting-based artworks by leading and emerging Australian artists.

Curated by James Lynch, the exhibition seeks to inspire visitors’ imaginations by revealing the humorous, poetic and mundane means of artists and how they use or misuse their thought processes for the purposes of creativity.

Charlie Sofo in 'Of everything that disappears there remain traces'

19 April 2017
The Honeymoon Suite install

"Charlie Sofo’s site specific 'Seasonal Work' offers the last figs of the season, picked from neighbourhood trees around Brunswick and surrounding Northern Suburbs, to be replenished throughout the course of the exhibition. The gesture of gathering and giving is integral and embodied within this work. Sofo is interested in how these gestures initiate conversations, about histories and passions, particularly in relation to personal family histories. Sofo’s practice focuses on the gathering of seemingly non-art materials and configuring them in a way that embodies the traces of their original usage. Figs, though perishable, still have the power to contain information about social contexts, and the environment, as subject to change." Excerpt of text by Lauren Ravi 2017

James Morrison in 'Freshwater' at Shepparton Art Museum

1 April 2017
MORRISON.The Fog 2002e

Freshwater considers how water reflects ecological, cultural, political and economic realities. Through the works of over 20 Australian artists and artist collectives, alongside historic works drawn from the Shepparton Art Museum Collection, Freshwater highlights how water remains central to identity, and to how and where we live.

Chris Bond, Jess Johnson and Ronnie van Hout

30 March 2017

The National: New Australian Art presents the latest ideas and forms in contemporary Australian art, curated across three of Sydney’s premier cultural institutions: the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. A six-year initiative over three editions in 2017, 2019 and 2021, the curatorial vision for the exhibition represents a mix of emerging, mid-career and established artists drawn from around the country and Australian artists practicing overseas. New and commissioned works encompass a diverse range of mediums including painting, video, sculpture, installation, drawing and performance. 

Ronnie van Hout's work will be displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney from 30 March – 18 June and Chris Bond and Jess Johnson's work will be shown at Carriageworks from 30 March – 25 June. 

Louise Weaver in Softcore at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

30 March 2017
IMG 3799

An exhibition curated by Micheal Do, in conjunction with Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and toured by Museums and Galleries of NSW, Softcore presents artistic practices that explore the many facets of ‘softness’ - from large-scale inflatables and forms made from soft materials to materials that simply look soft.

Robert Rooney

29 March 2017
Michael Kantor1990.e

We are sad to say that gallery artist and friend Robert Rooney passed away on 21st March. He was 79 years of age.

Greatly admired and loved by his friends Robert was a man of great integrity for whom being an artist and life were one and the same thing.

Robert spent all but the first two years of his life in East Hawthorn where he lived with his mother, Beatrice until her move to an aged care facility a couple of years ago. Beatrice passed away on 26 January. Robert only left Melbourne once during his life, a round trip to Sydney (to review the Archibald Prize) and to Canberra. He was happy to never leave Melbourne again.

I first met Robert in September 1992 when he visited my gallery’s very first exhibition. The gallery was originally located in Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. At this time, Robert was both an exhibiting artist and the art critic for the Australian newspaper. As a critic he had a reputation for idiosyncratic reviews that blended his daily activities and wide ranging cultural interests with his impressions of the exhibitions, galleries and museums he visited. As a critic he spoke the truth as he saw it, unafraid to express his opinions or offend his fellow artists.

With this reputation preceding him it came as some surprise to meet the modest, shy, funny and thoroughly decent man who started visiting my gallery in 1992. Robert was one of the few regular visitors to my gallery in its early Melbourne years. His thoughtful and encouraging reviews of our early exhibitions were important milestones for the gallery.

With my gallery’s move to Sydney in 1997 came the opportunity to exhibit Robert’s work. He’d had two previous exhibitions in Sydney, at Terry Clune Galleries in 1964 and at Roslyn Oxley Gallery in 1984. We presented the first exhibition in 2003. Other solo exhibitions followed in 2006 and 2008.

As an artist, Robert set a bench mark for artistic integrity, individuality and commitment to an artist’s life. It was an honour to have known and worked with him.

Jon Campbell in the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

28 March 2017
On for Young Old 2016.email

Campbell's work On for Young & Old will be featured in this years Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize held at the National Art School. The prize's unique format sees 22 established artists each chose an emerging artist to create a work to show alongside them, creating mentoring relationships between different generations of artists and a dialogue between their work. Campbell has selected Melbourne-based emerging artist Kenny Pittock to show alongside him.

Mark Hilton

25 March 2017
RaisingCattle Vernissage25 03 17 2

Mark Hilton, Kate Newby and Tove Storch have an exhibition opening at Raising Cattle, Montreal today 25 March 2017

Tim Woodward's exhibition 'Plus solids', on show at Bus Projects, Melbourne

15 March 2017

A good analogy doesn’t need to be concrete, it only needs to be expressed in terms of an idea you already know deeply. Like the idea of deep cement poured on a hot day, hosed as it cures to prevent cracking.

In metallurgy hardness is defined as the ability of a material to resist plastic deformation or indentation. Like metals, the hardness of an idea is important to measure, so as to choose whose hands, and how rough to handle. Sometimes soft ideas need rough hands. Some hard ideas are better left untouched. The opposite may be true, you need to measure.

Plus solids is an exhibition of sculpture, where solids are to sculpture what milk-solids are to milk. Some sculptures sit pressed and numbered, anchored to the world of objects. Others exist as a suggestion of something imminent, resting in wild flax grass, or propped in the backseat of a taxi in traffic. In this exhibition the visible sculpture coalesces with the invisible, and like a small insect colliding into a flinching eyeball (observed in profile and mistaken for a wink) the disparity between what is seen and unseen is the structure of the exchange.

Ricky Swallow, 'New Work', Maccarone NY

9 March 2017

For his first solo exhibition at New York Gallery Maccarone Swallow has rendered utilitarian materials such as leather, rope, cardboard, and wood into patinated bronze sculptures, expanding his translation of an object, form, and material into an alternative preserved kinetic state. Dimpled leather, looped rope, and precarious assemblages become formal studies of levity, grace and precision. Several works stand and coil up from plinths seemingly driven by their own inert tension and humble intimacy. Larger industrial corner works, integrating spheres, suggest a structural punctuation to the architecture. Several works conform to and dictate the corners and passages of the exhibition itself.

Tim Woodward in LOOSEN, TCB art inc., Melbourne

9 March 2017
17126013 166876487154718 2874561082238697472 n

LOOSEN is a week-long program dedicated to development and presentation of performance based practices in Melbourne. On Wednesday 8 March Woodward performed A three year old story about a stolen bicycle that I still feel slightly responsible for (2017), a conversation following a story about Emma Sumner’s stolen bicycle, which was taken from outside TCB during a visit to the exhibition House Lights in May, 2014

Kenzee Patterson in 'Formally Yours', The Operative, Syndey

9 March 2017
Patterson.A Journeyman.2015

'Formally Yours' features new and recently made works by seven Australian artists who are engaged with notions of form through their art practice. Across a diverse range of mediums, the works intervene and activate the space at different points throughout the exhibition.

Laurence Aberhart in 'The Ancestors', Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney

9 March 2017
te rapunga 3

The Ancestors contains works by contemporary artists who invoke the continuation of the past in the present. Works by Laurence Aberhart as well as Lottie Consalvo, Stevie Fieldsend, Abdullah M I Syed and Judith Wright, are shown alongside ritual art from Ancient China, India & Timor.

Kenzee Patterson - International Exchange at the Academy of Fine Art, Vienna, Austria

9 March 2017
Kenzee Patterson Constant Negative 18 June 16 july 2016 2

Patterson has relocated to Vienna for five months to take part in an international exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts object sculpture studio under Professor Julian Göthe.

Louise Weaver in 'Collective Vision:130 Years', Bendigo Art Gallery

9 March 2017
2010.Auk In advance of the glacier

Bendigo Art Gallery celebrates 130 years in 2017 and to mark the occasion they have presented a dynamic new exhibition of historic and contemporary works from the gallery’s collection. Visitors will see new acquisitions, alongside highlights of the collection, such as Weaver's Auk (In advance of the glacier) and some of the first ever works acquired by the founders of the gallery in 1887.

Noel McKenna in 'Scenes of our city', Museum of Brisbane

9 March 2017
12. Noel McKenna Brisbane domestic home Oil on plywood 42 x 44cm 1

This group exhibition, sourced from the Museum of Brisbane collection and City of Brisbane collection showcase works by 21 Brisbane artists who have captured views and aspects of life in Brisbane.

Kenzee Patterson and Andrew Hurle in 'Creative Accounting', Western Plains Cultural Centre until 14 May

9 March 2017
creative accounting 1

Drawing from old currencies, banking archives and contemporary art, Creative Accounting scratches below the surface of our economic system to reveal money's enigmatic side. Money is many things at once: an abstract concept of value; an agent of propaganda; a tool of the powerful; and a decorative device. It plays a central role in all of our lives yet is often overlooked as an object of contemplation. At a time when money is becoming increasingly abstract, Creative Accounting speculates on its wider value. This exhibition is curated by Holly Williams, in conjunction with Hawkesbury Regional Gallery and toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

Michelle Nikou 'aeiou' at Benalla Art Gallery until 2 April

28 January 2017
Nikou 0570

Adelaide-based artist Michelle Nikou draws on surrealism in a reflective and productive way to transform mundane domestic objects and materials into sculptures of humour and marvel. In this exhibition of new and recent work she utilises surrealist strategies such as chance, psychological metaphor, deadpan wit and juxtaposition, and inventively mingles high and low art sources and cultural references. Her work intentionally blurs and extends the boundaries between fine art and craft and often invests unremarkable or overlooked facets of daily existence with new and unexpected significance. Nikou’s practice is also characterised by a deep engagement with language and she forges connections between art and literature that invoke suburban life, family interactions and food. Seemingly disparate concepts and materials are regularly combined to produce unsettling and sometimes absurd effects, such as the fried eggs made in bronze that lend the exhibition its title, the flattened egg forms suggesting the vowels of the alphabet. As a result of imaginative exploration Nikou has evolved a distinctive visual vocabulary and sophisticated practice with a strong conceptual basis in its play of poetics, aesthetics and forms.

Kenzee Patterson in 'An elegy to apertures'

27 January 2017

The camera receives and frames the world through the lens. This aperture is a threshold that demarcates the distinction between the scene and its photographic echo. It is both an entrance and a point of departure.

Examining the way apertures haunt photographic images long after the shutter has closed, this exhibition attends to and exposes the poetics of the portal.

Each artist featured treats the aperture – the chasm, fissure or interstice – as a thematic or poetic motif. Sink holes and port holes abound. In each crevasse or cavity that appears within the work on display we witness a circumspect allusion to that elemental photographic gesture – the taking of the shot – but also to the edge of the image. It is the lens that defines the perimeter of a photograph’s visual field. Enlisting the lens as both a motif and a means of representation, these artists remind us of its outer limit but also of its limitations. They speak to subjects that remain buried and unseen within (and in spite of) the image and to the black bars that separate each frame on a strip of film – that abyss into which the invisible falls. They speak to the information that gets lost in the blink of an eye and to the inherent instability of perception.

An elegy to apertures returns to origin stories and the point zero of the photographic event, attempting to distill this fleeting instant – to hold the aperture open – and devise an allegorical framework for a self-reflexive study of the medium.

Kenzee Patterson in 'Intrinsic Properties/Inherent Vice'

21 January 2017

Intrinsic Properties / Inherent Vice brings a small group of artists together who interrogate glass as a medium, it foibles and its breadth of meaning.
The exhibition is curated by Holly Williams from The Curator's Department and will be opened by Ben Wright from Urban Glass, NY during the official opening on Saturday 28 January at 7.30 pm.

Jess Johnson In 'New World Order', Casula Powerhouse, 9 December 2016

9 December 2016

Jess Johnson joins Hany Armanious, Simon Denny, Beau Emmett, Eva and Franco Mattes, Soda_Jerk, Alexis Mailles and Yujun Ye, Ryan Presley, Zoe M. Robertson, Suzanne Treister and Pope Alice Xorporation in 'New World Order', an exhibition of exposés, conspiracy theories, cybernetic tarot cards, hacked city-scapes, UFO blanket paintings, alternate currencies, illusions, paradoxes and alternate endings. New World Order is an opportunity to think about how we make sense of the world in a post-internet era.

Opening 9 December 6pm
with guest speaker Jaimie Leonarder from Mu Meson Archives
and a ceremonial appearance by Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice Walking to the New Jerusalem

Olympic Doughnuts to perform at Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, 9 December, 5.30 pm

9 December 2016
olympic doughnuts

Olympic Doughnuts will be playing at our end of year drinks on Friday 9 December from
5.30 pm. Olympic Doughnuts is a collaborative project by artists Jon Campbell and Matthew Griffin. The band formed in Melbourne in 2009 and have released several hit songs including My Side, Ditch The Pit, Fish And Chips Or Pizza & Ten Fishing Commandments.

Louise Weaver in 'Sugar Spin: You, Me, Art and Everything', Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, 3 December - 17 April 2017

3 December 2016

'Sugar Spin' is an exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of QAGOMA. Featuring over 250 contemporary artworks exploring light, space, architecture and the senses from brand-new immersive works to large-scale visitor favourites, the exhibition reflects on our complex connections to the natural world with an explosion of colour, sensation and spinning delights. Weaver's work Phoenix, Indian Blue Peacock (Pavo Cristatus) 2008-09 purchased 2010 with a special allocation from the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation will be on show as part of this major exhibition.

Jennifer Mills in 'Drawing to an End', MARS Gallery, Melbourne, 3 - 19 December

3 December 2016

MARS Gallery’s represented artists have each chosen a guest artist to exhibit with them in 'Drawing to an End [December works on paper]'. Opening on Saturday 3 December, the exhibition shows a diverse selection of works on paper ranging in size, medium and subject matter from more than 35 Australian contemporary artists. Jennifer Mills has been chosen to exhibit by MARS artist Steven Haley and she will be showing a work from her recent '99 Problems' series.

Kushana Bush 'The Burning Hours' opens at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Friday 2 December 2016.

2 December 2016

Kushana Bush's exhibition 'The Burning Hours' opens at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Friday 2 December 2016. The Otago Daily Times interviewed Kushana during the exhibition install. Click link below for the article and interview video.

Louise Weaver and James Morrison in' Birds: Flight Paths in Australian Art'

2 December 2016

Louise Weaver and James Morrison in Birds: Flight Paths in Australian Art at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, 2 December – 12 February 2017
This exhibition considers how Australian artists have incorporated birds in their work to explore and tell stories of our environment, history and identity. Birds symbolise many aspects of humanity, as well as being subjects of scientific and cultural enquiry, curiosities, objects of desire, beauty and song, motifs for home or fashion and emblems of empire and nationhood. In a country proud of its unique birds - our kookaburras, emus, galahs and cockatoos - contemporary artists are now looking at how our fragile ecology is under threat. Birds: Flight paths in Australian art will take the viewer on a revelatory journey through Australian art history by exhibiting 80 works, including iconic works by colonial and early 20th century artists alongside several contemporary artists.

Watch Henry Jock Walker's new film clip for Jon Campbell's 'Perfect Wave'

1 December 2016

Henry Jock Walker and Jon Campbell have collaborated on a new film clip to accompany Jon's song, 'Perfect Wave'. Launched at Bus Projects, Melbourne on 26 November, the clip can now be seen on vimeo.

Robert Rooney and Louise Weaver in APW's 'Impressions 2016'

1 December 2016

Robert Rooney and Louise Weaver are included the Australian Print Workshop's annual 'Impressions' exhibition. The artists have kindly donated editions to support the programmes and activities of the APW, Melbourne, 25 November 2016 - 25 February 2017.

Congratulations to Georgia Hobbs on her appointment to the 2017/18 Firstdraft Board of Directors

1 December 2016

She will join Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Peter H. Johnson, Bridie Moran, Jade Muratore, & Katie Winten with Flora Grant & Emily O’Connor as Firstdraft continues to present innovative work across its exhibition, curators, writers and Firstdraft Presents program streams.

Congratulations to Michelle Nikou on being awarded a NAVA Visual Arts Fellowship

1 December 2016

Congratulations to Michelle Nikou on being awarded a NAVA Visual Arts Fellowship
Aimed at mid-career artists these prestigious new Fellowships ensure recipients can explore the next major development in their practice.

Chris Bond, Jess Johnson, Ricky Swallow in 'Tricking the Eye - contemporary trompe l'oeil'

26 November 2016
SWALLOW.2014.Magnifying Glass with Rope No. 5 2014a

Drawing on the centuries old tradition of trompe l’oeil painting (or trick of the eye), this exhibition brings together works that are intentionally illusionistic, play with perspective or are something other than what they first appear to be. Tricking the eye—contemporary trompe l’oeil investigates the work of these contemporary Australian artists in a new and engaging context, drawing links with numerous art historical precedents.

Jon Campbell and Henry Jock Walker performance at Bus Projects, Melbourne

26 November 2016

Join Jon Campbell and Henry Jock Walker at Bus Projects, Melbourne on Saturday 26 November from 3-4 pm for the launch of the video clip Jock has made for Campbell's song Perfect Wave. Campbell will be playing a few songs.

Michelle Nikou awarded one of the inaugural NAVA Visual Arts Fellowships

24 November 2016

Congratulations to Michelle Nikou on being awarded one of NAVA's inaugural Visual Arts Fellowships.
Aimed at mid-career artists these prestigious new Fellowships ensure these exceptional artists can explore the next major development in their practice. Nikou will utilise the Fellowship to develop a new body of work through research and collaboration at the Lombok village of Sukarara, Indonesia. She will be learning traditional techniques of weaving incorporating natural dyes and materials.

Maria Kontis artist talk at the Art Gallery of NSW

23 November 2016

Imbued with the qualities of precious relics from the pre-digital age, the seven drawings by Maria Kontis in the exhibition are based on a group of found photographs the artist has been collecting for the past 20 years – assorted snapshots from anonymous sources cast adrift into the world. The intricate detail of her work is not a faithful copy of the original, rather a reinvention and poetic interpretation that elevates each photograph to a captivating new level.

Louise Weaver in 'Human/Animal/Artist'

20 November 2016
WEAVER.Diagram for a Bird Hide 2012

Louise Weaver in 'Human/Animal/Artist' at McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery until 19 February 2017.

Human / Animal / Artist includes a diverse range of established and emerging artists who emulate, incorporate or refer to the works of animals, whether nest, web, hive, shelter, structure, design, trace, song or dance. It explores how the exquisite, elaborate and sophisticated works of certain animals can have a direct, fecund and illuminating relationship with contemporary art. By showing how the human artist has been inspired by the animal's original design or production, Human / Animal / Artist acknowledges the profound shift that has taken place regarding animals in recent decades. This shift is the result of our concerns about the natural world due to climate change and its devastating impact on the earth's many ecosystems. Human / Animal / Artist focuses on artists who display a unique and sensitive perspective about the originality, design, structure and aesthetics of works by non-human animals and reveals how it has influenced their practice. The artists include international and local sculptors, painters, photographers and musicians.

Rob McHaffie in 'From the Studio: Bayside Artists in Residence'

19 November 2016
McHaffie.Apple break.2015

From the Studio celebrates the artistic yield of the artists and writers who have completed a yearlong Bayside Artist in Residence at the Billilla historic mansion since 2013. The exhibition incorporates all disciplines of artistic practice from textile works to painting, and sculptural assemblage to video installation.

Jess Johnson in 'MIKE' curated by Todd von Ammon at Four AM Gallery, New York

15 November 2016
Mike Four Am Gallery install shot

This group show features works by Thaddeus Wolfe, Martha Grover, Olivia Erlanger and Jess Johnson. It is on view 24/7 in the window of 291 Grand Street, New York.

Kenzee Patterson and Andrew Hurle in 'Creative Accounting' at UQ Art Museum

12 November 2016

Creative Accounting is a touring exhibition which explores ideas around money, economic systems, perceived value, and the aesthetics of currency at a time when money is becoming increasingly abstract. The exhibition traces the development of Australia’s financial and accounting systems and offers a fascinating insight into the evolution of banking and financial management practices over the last 200 years. Creative Accounting unlocks a range of intriguing archival objects, and includes often underappreciated artefacts and cultural material held in regional collections across Australia. Complemented by this archival and historical material, the exhibition includes work by contemporary Australian and international artists who address its themes.

Jon Campbell in 'Locals Only' at Bus Projects, Melbourne

10 November 2016
IMG 5467

Jon Campbell has collaborated with artist Henry Jock Walker on a surfboard for Jock Walker's current solo exhibition Locals Only at Bus Projects, Melbourne. The board is emblazoned with Campbell's text 'Just Piss Farting Around' and 'Fuck Yeah'. On show until 26 November.

Punkasila and Fitri Setyaningsih perform 'Rough Machine/Soft Power' at the Indonesian Dance Festival

5 November 2016

Rough Machine/Soft Power is a dance piece that combines musical instruments, costumes, banners and a musical performance on stage and in a public space. In this work, the collective Punkasila and Fitri Setyaningsih—both residing in Yogyakarta—focus on how chaos and fear are being managed as a cultural asset of a society. To those in control of power—the state, the market, or the paramilitary—the ability to create and control chaos is a valuable political asset. On the contrary, to the repressed, chaos is a means to challenge the dominant, reigning regime. On the streets, the way of various groups in society to challenge authority is by organized noises and visibility. The noises of engines, the choreographed route for the vehicles, and various other performance aspects, which are the collective language in the power contest arena.

Kushana Bush, Ben Cauchi and John Ward Knox in 'Undreamed of...50 years of the Frances Hodgkins Fellowship'

5 November 2016
bodies of water falling

Undreamed of … 50 Years of the Frances Hodgkins Fellowship commemorates the 50th anniversary of the University of Otago’s Frances Hodgkins Fellowship. The exhibition, hung in both the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Hocken Collections, includes work by all 48 of the Fellows and offers a snapshot of the rich diversity of artists and art practices that have been fostered by the Fellowship – painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and digital media are all represented. Recent works by many of the artists will be shown alongside those made during the Fellowship, revealing how their practice has developed over the intervening years.

Noel McKenna in The Popular Pet Show, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

4 November 2016
Cat 2014

The Popular Pet Show expresses the joy and warmth that many of us derive from our animal companions, and will celebrate their trusting, unpretentious ways. Comprising exuberant recent Australian paintings, many on a large scale, it will include portraits of famous and obscure Australians and their pets by contemporary artists. Many works have been created especially for the exhibition.

Noel McKenna and Jennifer Mills in the 2016 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award

28 October 2016
In the echo chamber Our dear friend Joan Ross

Noel McKenna and Jennifer Mills in the 2016 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award, Grafton Regional Gallery until 10 December.

Established in 1988, the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award has been the means by which the Grafton Regional Gallery has gathered a unique collection of contemporary Australian drawing, with over one hundred works acquired by leading, established and emerging artists. The winner of the $30,000 prize will be announced on opening night and the exhibition will tour eight regional and metropolitan galleries until mid 2018.

Jon Campbell in 'I heart rock (rock is the total work of art)' at Arts Project Australia

22 October 2016
chandon exhibition 01

Jon Campbell is in this group exhibition curated by Emma Busowsky Cox at Arts Project Australia until 25 November.

Featuring a selection of artists from the Arts Project Australia studio alongside external contemporary artists, i heart rock (rock is the total work of art) is a playful exploration of fandom, nostalgia and homage through art devoted to and about rock music. Five of Campbell's love song banners are included in this exhibition.

Contour 556: interventions in the landscape, Lake Burley Griffin Foreshore, Canberra until 13 November

21 October 2016
14705635 10154226021589563 5489911825276474182 n

Jon Campbell and Kenzee Patterson are included in 'Contour 556: interventions in the landscape', Canberra's new public art festival. Held on the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra the fesitval takes place around the major cultural institutions, the National Library of Australia; the National Gallery of Australia, the High Court of Australia and the Kingston Arts Precinct. Featuring fifty national and international artists and encompassing artworks, performances, sound installations, music, and digital projections the festival asks artists to respond to the layers of Canberra’s history.

James Morrison's exhibition 'Portal for Propositions' on show now at Bus Projects, Melbourne.

19 October 2016
portal for propositions image copy 380x318

'Portal for Propositions' is a project premised on the public generating ideas for the content of an exhibition via a web portal. The public will be asked to fill out various fields to submit their ideas for a whole exhibition, single artwork or installation. These public responses will be collated and documented, and after a selection process, one or three works will be made by the artists, either individually or collaboratively, and be installed in Bus Project’s two east side galleries. Documentation of all propositions submitted by the public will be on display at the exhibition and a PDF listing all submissions will be available as a public document or resource for ideas for future works.

Louise Weaver in Soft Core, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, 15 October – 4 December

15 October 2016

Soft Core includes work by thirteen artists whose practices explore the many facets of ‘softness’ - from large-scale inflatables to forms made from soft materials, to materials that simply look soft. This exhibition has been curated by Micheal Do and will tour nationally until 2018.

Noel McKenna and Louise Weaver in 'Wildthing: Animals in Contemporary Australian Art', Mosman Art Gallery.

8 October 2016
Louise Weaver Moonlight becomes You.Possum 2008.A

'Wildthing' is an exhibition examining the animal in contemporary Australian art and is part of the celebrations of the centenary of Taronga Zoo. 'Wildthing' includes works drawn from the Western Plains Cultural Centre collection as well as public and private collections. It has been produced in partnership with Western Plains Cultural Centre and Lake Macquarie Art Gallery, following the success of their joint 2014-2015 exhibition 'Wildside'. On show until 27 November

Charlie Sofo in 'Walker Evans and Selected Australian Art: The Documentary Take', CCP, Melbourne

8 October 2016
short for for gertrude still

Charlie Sofo is included in this exhibition at CCP which looks at documentary photographer Walker Evans’ practice, charting the enduring effect he has had on Australian art today.

Chris Bond, Tormentor, La Trobe University Museum of Art

5 October 2016
2016 0308 002

Curated by Michael Brennan, Tormentor consists of fictional documentary material and sculptural works made in the body-mind of imagined Norwegian artist Tor Rasmussen (a temporary resident at Bond’s house in late 2014). The results are at once deceptive, self-deceptive, characterised and representational, and speak of discord and fracture. Tormentor charts Bond’s relationship with Rasmussen (also known as Kraken), determining the value of embodying and performing multiple invented artistic identities within a practice, encouraging imbalance and enabling unlikely action.

Kenzee Patterson, 'A tree branches, so does a river', Lismore Regional Gallery.

1 October 2016

Kenzee Patterson's exhibition 'A tree branches, so does a river' is on show now in the Vicki Fayle Gallery at Lismore Regional Gallery. The exhibition continues until 3 December 2016.

This exhibition looks at the roles two of the artist’s ancestors played, in the logging of red cedar in the Lismore area during the mid-nineteenth century, and the construction of the old Lismore Post Office clock tower.

The interconnectedness of time and materiality is delineated through a series of steel sculptures that relate to the wrought iron belfry of the clock tower. The forms of these sculptures echo the chemical structures of pheromones released by red cedar trees and cedar tip moths, hinting at the complex ecological relationships that are often imperceptible to humans.

Portrait of an Artist with Anne Wallace

30 September 2016
WALLACE.Untitled 1997

Anne Wallace is one of the most recent additions to the James C Sourris AM Collection of contemporary Australian artist interviews, part of the Australian Library of Art at State Library of Queensland.

A screening of this interview will be shown at the State Library of Queensland on Friday 30 September at 6.30 pm, followed by a discussion the artist.

Noel McKenna in Country & Western: Landscape Re-Imagined, Cairns Regional Gallery

21 September 2016

Country & Western: landscape re-imagined is one of the most comprehensive and inclusive landscape exhibitions of recent times. With works by leading Australian artists the exhibition brings into focus our evolving attitudes and perceptions of the national landscape over the past twenty-five years.

The vexed issues of dispossession, identity, collaboration, mining and land degradation, along with the country’s natural splendour are all viewed from differing cultural perspectives.

The works in the exhibition have been sourced from major public galleries and private collectors throughout the land. Country & Western features artists, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, as they re-imagine the post-bicentennial landscape with verve and rigour.

Chris Bond and Jon Campbell - R&M McGivern Prize

16 September 2016
Chris Bond Gretel 2016 oil on canvas calico 17 x 10 x 2cm left side view

Chris Bond and Jon Campbell are finalists in the R&M McGivern Prize, opening tonight at ArtSpace at Realm, Maroondah, Victoria.
The $25,000 prize is awarded every three years for an outstanding artwork in oil, gouache, acrylic or watercolour. This year’s theme is 'text'. The exhibition continues until 20 November

Ronnie van Hout 'YOU!' at Gertrude Contempoary

9 September 2016
14272165 145555575893992 1960577528 n

A single sculptural figure by Ronnie van Hout will occupy the window of Gertrude Contemporary from 9 September - 15 October before being shown as part of his solo exhibition at STATION later in the year. Clad in pajamas, van Hout’s figure stands pointing at the viewer and the street with an accusatory menace. Through this van Hout performs a tangential shift within self-portraiture to cast the viewer as the subject, reprimanding us for looking and returning power to the lone figure in the gallery.

Jennifer Mills in 2016 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize

9 September 2016
In the echo chamber 18 brown + 18 blue 36 missing persons found

Jennifer Mills' work' In the echo chamber (18 brown + 18 blue = 36 missing persons found)' is shortlisted for the 2016 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize at Geelong Gallery.

The biennial $30,000 acquisitive prize for painting features works by 33 Australian artists, revealing the diversity of painting practice today. The selection panel includes guest judge, Victoria Lynn (Director, TarraWarra Museum of Art) along with Jason Smith (Director, Geelong Gallery) and Lisa Sullivan (Curator, Geelong Gallery).

Noel McKenna artist in residence at The Watermill Center, New York

6 September 2016

Noel McKenna is in New York for a residency at The Watermill Center. During the month long residency McKenna will create a series of works relating to the local landscape. He will also study works in the Watermill Collection—an eclectic collection of objects ranging widely across many cultures and continents.

Noel McKenna in Outside at Karma, New York.

3 September 2016
McKenna.Beef Brisket on rye Katzz NY 16.95 US.2016.e

Curated by White Columns director Matthew Higgs the show includes the work of more than 30 international artists.The exhibition continues until 25 September.

'Outside' refers to both physical place (i.e. the world around us) as well as a psychological state (as evidenced by the mercurial sensibilities of so-called ‘Outsider’ art.). The artists in Outside, of many generations, both conventionally and unconventionally trained, subscribe to no recognizable ideology or tendency. Outside ultimately suggests that our sense of ‘place’—like our sense of ‘self’—remains elusive: a shape-shifting terrain, constantly in flux.

Charlie Sofo recipient of the MUPC Visual Residency Program

3 September 2016
Approx. 700 bricks 2015 bricks the floor space of project space.b

Charlie Sofo is currently undertaking a three month residency at the Monash Prato Centre in Tuscany. The MUPC Visual Residency Program is a collaborative initiative between the Monash Prato Centre and the Monash Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and offers established and emerging creative practitioners the opportunity to incubate new ideas, undertake research, and engage with local institutions and industry.

During his residency Charlie will develop a project of research, social engagement and art-making. Creating a new series of works using methods of writing, drawing, video and sculpture making. When asked about his expectations regarding the residency Sofo replied: For me, my interaction with Prato isn’t one of simply representing experience or exchange. Rather it is my hope that I will cultivate attentiveness to bodily experiences, of being “with” people and things. Through a process of collecting, walking, observing and note taking, I will seek to create a minor phenomenology. This process has the potential of allowing for moments of material poetry, pleasure and discovery.

Jess Johnson, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art: Sci Fi and the Human Condition Thematic Residency

3 September 2016
Worldweb Allthing 2016

Jess Johnson will undertake a ten week residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska. This residency is open to artists who explore themes of science fiction, defined or identified through its motifs and relationship to past sci-fi film and literature, magical realism, dystopian and utopian futures, robots, alternate timelines, transhumanism and bodily transformation, space opera, afrofuturism, futuristic identity as explored by costume and dress, the post-apocalyptic world, threats to territory and frontier, outer space, and investigations in artificial intelligence.

Robert Rooney in Painting. More Painting at ACCA

3 September 2016
ROONEY.Le Triconne Picasso Illustrated 2004

The second chapter of this major institutional exhibition of contemporary Australian painting is now on show until 25 September.

Rooney's work 'The Guilty One' is displayed in the main exhibition hall, hung on a 90 metre wall painting by Sam Songailo. The exhibition brings together a broad range of dedicated and rigorous practices that each use painting as a critical or conceptual form, reflecting the ways in which artists remain keen to work with traditional mediums and explore the role of the artist’s hand in the digital age.

Danius Kesminus, Spaced 3: north by southeast Residency, Copenhagen

3 September 2016

Spaced 3: north by southeast is a residency program organised by International Art Space, Perth, which explores the cultural, social and environmental parallels between the Nordic countries and Australia.

Danius Kesminas is currently undertaking this residency at the FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design in Copenhagen where he is developing new works in response to the social, environmental and historical contexts of Copenhagen.

Ricky Swallow in Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney until 31 August 2018

2 September 2016
Caravan 2008

Drawn from the MCA's Collection, Today Tomorrow Yesterday considers the impact of the past and the influence of history on artistic practice today. Swallow's 2008 work Caravan is on show.

From contemporary interpretations of ancestral stories to the continuing effects of early to mid-twentieth-century avant-garde ideas, each room presents a different perspective on the history of the present. Including work by more than forty artists from the 1960s to the present, recent acquisitions and a number of new commissions, Today Tomorrow Yesterday tells the story of the ever-evolving nature of contemporary art.

Jennifer Mills in The Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2016, Caloundra Regional Gallery

24 August 2016
In the echo chamber 11.11 Sunshine Coast

This year’s prize offers a major prize of $25,000 sponsored by Audi Centre Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Council plus a residency at Montville Country Cabins. The winning work is added to the Sunshine Coast Art Collection.

A non-acquisitive Highly Commended $5,000 prize sponsored by the Proost- De Deyne family and People’s Choice $2,500 prize are also on offer.

Charlie Sofo, A gap opens up, Living Musuem of the West, Melbourne

24 August 2016

Charlie Sofo's exhibition 'A gap opens up' was made during his residency at Melbourne's Living Museum of the West. The exhibition is open every day until 27 August at the Living Museum of the West's Visitor's Centre, Pipemakers Park, Van Ness Avenue, Maribyrnong

Rob McHaffie in 'Sirens (I Heard Voices in the Night)' at Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne

13 August 2016
2016.Work in the glasshouse

Rob McHaffie's work 'She is...' 2016 is included in this group show initiated by Singer and songwriter Ben Abraham in which 14 Australian artists respond to songs from his debut album Sirens.

Each artist has created a new work for this project as a means of visually articulating and responding to a specific song from the album. Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to songs from the album as they view the corresponding artworks via a specifically developed app. The exhibition continues until 3 September.

Matlok Griffiths in 'Group Show - Second Iteration' at Arts Project Australia, Melbourne

6 August 2016

A collaborative exhibition of artworks based on the Chapter House Lane curated Group Show, launched in 2015 in Melbourne. The exhibition marks the second instalment of the successful 2015-16 presentation of Group Show, building on the partnership between Arts Project Australia and Chapter House Lane. Featuring work by Alan Constable, Matlok Griffiths, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Julian Martin, Pia Murphy and Georgia Szmerling. Curated by Louise Klerks, Director, Chapter House Lane

Close to Home: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2016, Art Gallery of New South Wales

30 July 2016

Maria Kontis and Noel McKenna are included in this exhibition, which features the works of six Australian artists for whom drawing is a central part of their practice and whose work engages with narrative, memory and experience. Maria Kontis is presenting seven pastel on velvet paper works from her series Private Life and Noel McKenna's work Animals I have known 2015-16 is a collection of ink on paper portraits of wild and domestic animals. The exhibition runs from 30 July - 11 December 2016

Jon Campbell in Painting. More Painting, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

29 July 2016

Painting. More Painting will be the first major institutional exhibition of contemporary Australian painting in over a decade. The work of fourteen influential Australian painters will be presented in a series of solo studies offering in-depth insights into the evolution of these artists’ interests, techniques and approaches. These will be complemented by an extensive panoramic survey presented in ACCA’s main exhibition hall that brings together works by over sixty senior, mid and early-career Australian artists.

Jess Johnson, Eclectrc Panoptic, Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh

29 July 2016
Talbot Rice.b

Eclectrc Panoptic is a bridging portal into Jess Johnson's other realm. The installation takes its genesis from the psychomagic group rituals conceived by the visionary filmmaker and comic book writer Alejandro Jodorowsky; and the technological themes of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune. Concealed within the space is Ixian Gate, a virtual reality artwork that can only be experienced through an Oculus Rift headset, plunging participants into the dystopic world of Johnson's drawings

Andrew Hurle and Kenzee Patterson in Creative Accounting, Manningham Art Gallery, Victoria

27 July 2016

An exhibition curated by Holly Williams, in conjunction with Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, and toured by Museums & Galleries NSW, Creative Accounting explores ideas around money, economic systems, perceived value and the aesthetics of currency, at a time when money is becoming increasingly abstract. It traces the development of Australia’s financial and accounting over the last 200 years, and unlocks a range of intriguing archival objects and cultural material held in regional collections across Australia. The exhibition also includes work by contemporary Australian and international artists addressing these themes.

This project is supported by Arts NSW’s Curatorial Support Initiative grant, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Mark Hilton and Jennifer Mills in the 2016 National Works on Paper Prize

16 July 2016

Mark Hilton and Jennifer Mills are finalists in the 2016 National Works on Paper Prize opening at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery tonight. The winner will be announced on 16 July and the exhibition continues until 11 September.

Robert Rooney in The Joke, Neon Parc, Melbourne

14 July 2016

The Joke is an exhibition in two parts spanning two locations, Neon Parc and Bus Projects, exploring humour’s relationship to power. More specifically, the subject’s relationship to its power source—how it is revered, critiqued, and subverted.

With its slippery nature, humour dissolves certainties and creates new realties – it encompasses self-doubt, the release of tension, play, and takedown. In this exhibition humour is a strategy used by artists who take on various power sources: institutional, patriarchal, global, sexual, and personal. These artists, in early, mid and late career stages, contest the modern view of the world in a way, which is intrinsically comic yet also acknowledges a painful edge.

The exhibition’s mediums encompass photography, painting, video and sculpture. While some works are jokes in themselves, others comment on humour, or contain its mechanisms.

To expand its dissemination, the exhibition will be accompanied by an online catalogue, which will evolve over the course of the exhibition, and will include an essay and commissioned writing.

Noel McKenna in 'Country & Western: Landscape Re-Imagined' at Orange Regional Gallery

9 July 2016

Country & Western: landscape re-imagined is one of the most comprehensive and inclusive landscape exhibitions of recent times. With works by leading Australian artists the exhibition brings into focus our evolving attitudes and perceptions of the national landscape over the past twenty-five years.

The vexed issues of dispossession, identity, collaboration, mining and land degradation, along with the country’s natural splendour are all viewed from differing cultural perspectives.

The works in the exhibition have been sourced from major public galleries and private collectors throughout the land. Country & Western features artists, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, as they re-imagine the post-bicentennial landscape with verve and rigour.

Anne Wallace in Narratives at Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide

29 June 2016
WALLACE M.I.T. Facade 2010.email size

This group exhibition at GAG includes four works by Anne Wallace alongside artists Stephen Bush, Gretchen Gordon and Tom Polo. The show runs from 29 June - 24 July.

Jess Johnson, Ixian Gate at TIFF

24 June 2016

Ixian Gate is an animated VR experience that enables audiences to enter the hypnotic spaces depicted in Johnson’s artworks. POP 01 is a pop up installation of VR, music and art presented at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Ronnie van Hout's sculpture installed on roof of Christchurch Art Gallery

16 June 2016

Ronnie van Hout's newly commissioned sculpture 'Quasi' has been installed on the roof of the Christchurch Art Gallery. The five-metre tall sculpture was commissioned by the Christchurch Art Gallery and funded from their annual exhibitions budget. Quasi is a temporary artwork, standing above the junction of Gloucester and Montreal Sts until the end of 2017.

Van Hout created the artwork by scanning his own hand and face, then combining them into a single figure, as a surreal gesture. The name of the sculpture refers to the fact it is a quasi object as it is neither a hand nor a person, but also referred to Quasimodo, the fictional hunchback who dwelt in the belfry of Notre Dame.

Tim Woodward - Ear in the afternoon, Mes 56, Yogyakarta

11 June 2016
Ear in the afternoon MES Jogyakarta.June2016. peformance still.a

Tim Woodward is currently participating in a residency at Mes 56, which has culminated in this exhibition opening 11 June.

For Ear in the afternoon Woodward has collaborated with parrot breeders to record the voice of the native Beo bird talking to their owners. The exhibition takes the form of a performance with the birds perched on sculptures made from Javanese Coffee Wood inspired by the structure of the Cochlea, and the magnified anatomy of the human ear. The show continues until 25 June. Tim will be giving an artist talk during the exhibition.

Michael Stevenson, Signs and Wonders, Carl Freedman Gallery, London

10 June 2016

Signs & Wonders is an installation of four home-built flight simulators, which take viewers on a flight to/from the airstrip of an isolated Papua New Guinea Highland mission, where small planes play a vital role in navigating the difficult terrain.

This exhibition at Carl Freedman Gallery is the third iteration of Signs & Wonders, having previously been shown at Kunsthalle, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen in 2015 and Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis 2016. There will be an artist talk with Jan Verwoert, German art critic and contributing editor of Frieze Magazine, on 9 June at 7.30 pm and the exhibition is open from 10 June - 9 July.

Louise Weaver in 'The Museum of Doubt', Despard Gallery, Hobart

8 June 2016
Weaver.Inside With Stays.2016

Curator Peter Hill asks us to bring both our doubt and faith to this group exhibition which also includes works by Glen Clarke, Josh Foley, Tony Garifalakis, Grant Hill, Peter Hill, Patrick Pound, Michael Vale and Robert Zhao. “I have a great sympathy with both doubt and faith as beacons for navigating this sublime universe,” says Peter Hill. “Remembering that the sublime in art, as in life and death, hovers between beauty and terror. The Museum of Doubt is on show from 8 June - 3 July.

Jon Campbell playing the Yarra Hotel Abbotsford

5 June 2016
Lower Plenty Jon Campbell

Jon Campbell is supporting Lower Plenty at the Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford, Melbourne on Sunday 5 June at 7 pm. Entry is Free!

Uji 'Hahan' Handoko Eko Saputro in ART|JOG|9

3 June 2016
Speculative Entertainment. ArtJog. 2016

Hahan's 'Speculative Entertainment no.1' is being exhibited as part of Art Jog 2016 at the Jojga National Museum until 27 June.

Hahan has divided a 750 x 260 cm painting into 1619 equally sized 10 x 10 cm lots. Audience members can buy between 1 - 16 lots which will be signed by the artist and certified by Art Jog Committee. Buyers can also consign their lot to be resold by Art Jog during the exhibition.

Noel McKenna exhibition, Ten Cubed Gallery, Melbourne

1 June 2016

Ten Cubed gallery are currently exhibiting Noel McKenna works from their collection. The exhibition will be on view until 27 August. The gallery will host a Q & A with the artist and Gregory O'Brien on 8 June at 11 am.

Noel McKenna’s paintings depict the ordinary and unremarkable to reveal a simple beauty. Often the works have a sense of playfulness to them, frequently he captures a moment of whimsy and familiarity tempered with a hint of melancholy. McKenna is a master of painting, printmaking and ceramics. His dry sense of humour and personal perspective is present in all his work.

'Celebrating Wood: back to the future' is on show now at the Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland.

28 May 2016
int St Bathans wider

'Celebrating Wood: back to the future' is on show now at the Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland.

Curated by Paul McNamara, this exhibition features works by Laurence Aberhart which celebrate the vernacular building material, alongside museum/gallery collection items and scientific exhibits on the conservation of trees.

The exhibition is on show until 2 July before touring to Tairawhiti Museum, Gisborne and Whakatane Musuem & Gallery, New Zealand. Each host venue has selected different collection items to display in response to Aberhart's photographs.

Andrew Hurle and Kenzee Patterson in 'Creative Accounting'

27 May 2016

An exhibition curated by Holly Williams, in conjunction with Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, and toured by Museums & Galleries NSW, Creative Accounting explores ideas around money, economic systems, perceived value and the aesthetics of currency, at a time when money is becoming increasingly abstract. It traces the development of Australia’s financial and accounting over the last 200 years, and unlocks a range of intriguing archival objects and cultural material held in regional collections across Australia. The exhibition also includes work by contemporary Australian and international artists addressing these themes.

This project is supported by Arts NSW’s Curatorial Support Initiative grant, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Jason Greig in 'Negative Approach' at Gertrude Glasshouse

21 May 2016
GREIG.Vice 2013

This project takes its name from the foundational American Hardcore Punk band, Negative Approach and examines how the intent and aesthetic residue of Heavy Metal and Punk continues to manifest in art and culture as a methodological approach to making and art.

With only ever releasing one studio album (Tied Down, 1983) much of what remains of Negative Approach lies across scattered compilations, demos and bootlegs. This project brings together nine artists to chart a similar course through contemporary practice, exploring subcultural influence and material focus across both practice and medium.

Rob McHaffie wins The Local Art Prize

13 May 2016

Rob McHaffie has been awarded The Local Art Prize, a $3,000 non-acquisitive prize which forms part of the 2016 Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize.

McHaffie's work 'Private School Pash' (2016) will be on show in the finalists’ exhibition until Sunday 26 June 2016.

Mark Hilton and Jennifer Mills, finalists in the 2016 National Works on Paper Prize

12 May 2016
HILTON.2015.Half Flush printed playing cards resin 150 x 150 x 5.7 cm

Mark Hilton and Jennifer Mills have been announced as finalists in the 2016 National Works on Paper Prize held at Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery.

Winners will be announced on 16 July with the exhibition running from 16 July - 11 September.

Ricky Swallow in Luminous: Australian Watercolours 1900–2000, National Gallery of Victoria

7 May 2016

Luminous is the first exhibition in twenty-five years to feature the National Gallery of Victoria’s outstanding collection of watercolours and gouaches. The exhibition showcases the extraordinary diversity of the medium, with works by fifty artists including Hans Heysen, Albert Namatjira, Joy Hester, Fred Williams and John Brack.

Charlie Sofo in 'tensions/translations/transitions' at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney

5 May 2016
SOFO.Cracks Faults Fractures still 3

Wolifson’s exhibition ‘tensions/translations/transitions’ brings together work by several artists employing physical and psychological markers and layers to evoke the tensions, translations and transitions occurring in our relationships with space and place. In bringing together these works Wolifson questions if perhaps new or unexpected tensions, translations or transitions will emerge to the viewer.

The exhibition continues until 28 May.

Jon Campbell performance at Melbourne Art Book Fair

1 May 2016
low JonCampbell LP 228back29.cropped

Jon Campbell will perform several songs from his latest Vinyl LP at the Melbourne Art Book Fair, NGV International, Sunday 1 May at 1pm. Entry is free!

Campbell will also discuss the process involved in designing the cover for the record.

Tim Woodward in 'The Number You Have Reached', Success, Fremantle, WA

30 April 2016

Tim's 2016 work 'The Foreign Spokesman' is part of the show. The work features field recordings from the Perth Protection Zone, made on a Blackberry Bold 9000 mobile handset. The Perth Protection Zone is a stretch of beach surrounding the SEA-ME-WE3 submarine fibre cable. This fibre cable stretches the ocean floor from Perth to Jakarta, and carries the bulk of Australia's international voice and data traffic. The Blackberry Bold 9000 was the phone used by Indonesia’s previous Foreign Spokesman, Dino Patti Djalal. An attempt by the Australian Signals Directory (ASD) to covertly listen in to the conversations of Dino and other Indonesian politicians was revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013. ASD's own motto is ‘Reveal Their Secrets - Protect Our Own’.

'Aberhart: Three Decades', The Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School, Ashfield

30 April 2016

An exhibition spanning more than three decades of work and covering Aberhart's travels to China, Japan, Australia, France and the United States. This exhibition is curated by Catherine Benz and forms part of the 2016 Head On Photo Festival. On Show until 22 May.

Ronnie van Hout in 'Design & Play' RMIT, Melbourne, 29 April - 14 May.

29 April 2016
I cant give up yet detail

Four of Ronnie van Hout's works from his 2012 exhibition 'The Leavings' are on show in 'Design & Play' at Design Hub, RMIT, Melbourne, 29 April - 14 May.

This exhibition probes the interdisciplinary and poetic role of play within the everyday through the eyes of designers and artists.

Michelle Nikou, aeiou, Heide Museum of Modern Art

23 April 2016

Adelaide-based artist Michelle Nikou draws on surrealism in a reflective and productive way to transform mundane domestic objects and materials into sculptures of humour and marvel. In this exhibition of new and recent work she utilises surrealist strategies such as chance, psychological metaphor, deadpan wit and juxtaposition, and inventively mingles high and low art sources and cultural references. Her work intentionally blurs and extends the boundaries between fine art and craft and often invests unremarkable or overlooked facets of daily existence with new and unexpected significance.

This exhibition of new and recent work is on show at Heide II until 28 August 2016.

Jess Johnson - Future Nature, Jack Hanley Gallery, NY

21 April 2016
JJ jack hanley

Future Nature probes the current state of the world in a post-natural age and the implications for the future. Rather than an apocalyptic demise by technology as E.M. Forester predicted in “The Machine Stops,” nine artists present questions of land use, citizenship, migration, and political action. Through their interventions for Future Nature, Edgardo Aragón, Michael Assiff, Jess Johnson, Marie Lorenz, Mathieu Pernot, Thiago Rocha Pitta, Khvay Samnang, Clement Siatous and Hiroki Tsukuda each explore an imagined, alternate reality as a result of mankind’s interruptions in nature.

James Morrison - artist talk at Cairns Regional Gallery

20 April 2016

James Morrison will talk about his exhibition 'Re-imagining Papua New Guinea' and the role of memory, imagination and fantasy in his landscape paintings.

The talk will take place on Wednesday 20 April at 5pm. RSVP essential

Rob McHaffie - finalist in the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize

19 April 2016
McHaffie Rob Private School Pash.e

The Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize finalists’ exhibition will be open to the public between 11am – 5pm Wednesday to Friday and 1 – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday from Saturday 7 May – Sunday 26 June 2016.

James Morrison, 'Re-imagining Papua New Guinea', Cairns Regional Gallery

15 April 2016
Morrison.Garden at Borroloola Station Sepik River.2012

This exhibition of new and recent works is the first to bring together a collection of the artist’s imaginary landscapes relating to Far North Queensland and Papua New Guinea. On show until 19 June.

In writing about the exhibition Julia Powles says 'The various geographic locations in which Morrison spent his childhood and adolescence, especially the Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea are an enduring location for Morrison, who often uses these sites as the ‘stage’ or setting for his narratives. In such locations we can find figures, significant to Morrison, such as the authors Patrick White and Ray Bradbury and the historical figure Bungaree, famous as the ‘first Australian’ an Aboriginal of the Broken Bay clan in NSW who accompanied Matthew Flinders on an early circumnavigation of Australia. Such figures in Morrison’s work are present as a respectful personal ‘homage’, and as ciphers for decoding a range of possible narrative interpretations.'

Noel McKenna in Country & Western: landscape re-imagined, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

15 April 2016
Lighthouses of Australia 2006

Country & Western: landscape re-imagined brings into focus the contrasting insights and cultural imperatives, both Indigenous (Country) and non-Indigenous (Western), that have given shape and substance to our evolving attitudes and perceptions of the national landscape over the past twenty-five years. In traversing the Australian landscape through a disparate body of work by a significant group of thirty-nine artists working in various media, the exhibition reaffirms the impact landscape exerts on the national psyche.

The exhibition was launched in Townsville in July 2015 is travelling to S.H.Ervin Gallery Sydney, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Katoomba, Mornington Peninsula Gallery Victoria, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery NSW, Cairns Regional Gallery Qld and concluding at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin in March 2017.

Jon Campbell performance, Conduit Arts, Fitzroy, Melbourne

7 April 2016

Campbell will be playing a selection of songs off his debut solo album as part of Milk & Cookies too, a performance night at Conduit Arts hosted by Eric Demetriou and Travis John.

Michael Stevenson, Signs & Wonders, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis

2 April 2016

Launched last year at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark, the exhibition includes three pairs of home-built flight simulators, which take viewers on a flight to/from the airstrip of an isolated Papua New Guinea Highland mission, where small planes play a vital role in navigating the difficult terrain.

Prior to the exhibition reception, Stevenson and anthropologist Jon Bialecki will have a conversation about the works in the exhibition and Bialecki's research interests. This conversation takes place at 4pm on Saturday April 2.

Personal Messages, Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington

1 April 2016
Yet nothing good shall come 2009

Laurence Aberhart and Ben Cauchi are included in this exhibition of outstanding photographs at Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington. The exhibition continues until 16 April.

Jess Johnson at Art Basel Hong Kong

24 March 2016

Jess Johnson’s installation at Art Basel Hong Kong includes 14 new framed works on paper and one new video animation. The imagery from these works will spill out onto custom designed wallpaper, enveloping the entire booth and geometric tessellating carpet tiles will coat the floor, creating a sensory encounter for viewers and a unique visual experience.

Jon Campbell Album Launch, Spotted Mallard, Melbourne

10 March 2016

Campbell and his band will be playing the album from start to finish on the night, with support from fellow artists Darren Sylvester and Georgia Spain, with Bullshit Rare on decks. The record will be available to purchase, it comes in a hand numbered edition of 300 (vinyl). $10 entry on the door.

Charlie Sofo in 'In Concert', Gertrude Glasshouse

5 March 2016
SOFO.Poppy Seeds

Taking place in Gertrude Contemporary’s recently opened project space, Gertrude Glasshouse, In Concert will chart the boundaries of these art collaborations, examining the shifting and dynamic nature of the process across practice, medium and location.

Jon Campbell performing at Third Drawer Down

4 March 2016

Jon Campbell is playing some tunes from his new self-titled LP at Third Drawer Down, Prahran, Melbourne on Friday 4 March at 6pm! Plus get a free Jon Campbell stubby holder to keep your drink cool!

Chris Bond, Panel Discussion, Bradley Forum, Level 5, Hawke Building, Uni S

27 February 2016
Chris Bond Magic Object 4

Facilitated by the Art Gallery of South Australia Contemporary Art Curator Leigh Robb, this panel coheres around the resurgence of the performative in contemporary practice as seen in the work of Irish artists Michelle Browne and Sandra Johnston (exhibiting in Border Crossings at the SASA Gallery), Destiny Deacon (exhibiting in Boo! at Tandanya) and Biennial artist, Chris Bond.

John Ward Knox: a deep and tumbling kind of laughter, Hocken Gallery

27 February 2016

John Ward Knox's latest exhibition 'a deep and tumbling kind of laughter' is on show at the Hocken Gallery, University of Otago, Dunedin.

Chris Bond in 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Magic Object

26 February 2016
Chris Bond vulhun krag 2015 oil on canvas calico MDF 1 x 21 x 38 cm top view e

Magic Object draws its inspiration from the ‘Wunderkammer’ rooms or cabinets of wonder dedicated to the display of magical objects. Held every two years since 1990, the Adelaide Biennial remains the country’s longest-standing survey of contemporary Australian Art.

Bond's work will be presented at the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide and in the satelite project Lovers of Neptune's Closet, curated by Lisa Slade at the JamFactory, 19 Morphett Street, Adelaide.

The Lepidopters: A Space opera, Brisbane Powerhouse

26 February 2016
Lepidoptors Brisbane Feb 2016

In November 2012 SLAVE PIANOS commissioned science fiction writer and art critic Mark von Schlegell to write The Lepidopters, a three-part science-fiction comic set in Indonesia which was drawn and water-coloured by Yogyakarta artist “Iwank” Erwan Hersi Susanto.

The comic nominally tells the story of an invasion of the Indonesian archipelago by alien moths, who plan to colonise Earth by engaging in inter-species reproduction.
The text is also a cipher, correlating works by seminal American artist Robert Smithson with the work of SLAVE PIANOS and the multi-disciplinary Yogyakarta art collective Punkasila, and connecting these to ancient Javanese mystical systems, the musical structures that traditionally articulated these, and the derivations and misconstruals of colonial European & post-colonial American visitors.

Derived from this comic, The Lepidopters: A Space Opera is a multivalent work for choir, virtuoso keyboard player, just intonation mystic-punk band, automated Gamelan, flute, clarinet, electric guitar, organ, percussion and video.

Jon Campbell performing at The Searchers, 93 Smith St, Fitzroy, Melbourne

26 February 2016
Jon Campbell at The Searchers

Campbell's songs bare all the traits of his paintings, in their witty, affable nature. Musically, Jon cites Jonathan Richman and Velvet Underground as major inspirations.
The record comes in a hand numbered edition of 300 (vinyl).

Patrick Hartigan, 'Stage and Anvil', Minerva gallery, Sydney.

6 February 2016
HARTIGAN.Brancusi at the Anvil.2015

Presented in association with Darren Knight Gallery, the exhibition includes new and recent works and is on show until 12 March.

Noel McKenna in 'Identity' group show at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.

4 February 2016
Stand by your Man Lucy Turnbull 2008

McKenna's work 'Stand by your Man, Lucy Turnbull' 2008 will be shown alongside international, as well as emerging and mid-career Australian artists. The painting reproduces a letter Lucy Turnbull wrote and distributed to the electorate of Wentworth in the lead up to the 2008 Federal election. It was first shown in Noel’s solo exhibition 'The Weekly Bus-Rail Ticket - The Return Journey' (Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, 23 August - 20 September 2008), which dealt with aspects of Sydney’s character and identities.

Laurence Aberhart, ANZAC, Ashburton Art Gallery, New Zealand

30 January 2016
Katea Southland 80

For almost four decades Aberhart has been photographing Australian and New Zealand World War One memorials using an old-fashioned view camera, long exposures and only available light.
In 2013 Aberhart made a concerted effort to finish this series of photographs, travelling to the far reaches of New Zealand and Australia, documenting the final components of the portfolio. ANZAC – a major exhibition of more than sixty prints – is the stunning result of this work which was launched at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in 2014 in time for the WWI centenary commemorations.

Mark Hilton, its only castles burning, STATION

30 January 2016
HILTON.2015.Half Flush printed playing cards resin 150 x 150 x 5.7 cm 2

A work from Mark Hilton’s recent 'Half Flush' exhibition is on show now at STATION, Melbourne for their group exhibition 'its only castles burning.'

Tim Woodward, Ring Around the Dowser, Screen Space, Melbourne

23 January 2016
4.Tim Woodward Ring Around the Dowser vidoeo still 2014

'Ring Around the Dowser' was first presented in an exhibition of the same name at the Geomuseum, Munster, Germany in 2014 while Woodward was on a residency at the Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, and was shown in GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art, Gallery of Mondern Art, Brisbane last year.

Filmed amongst the Donald Judd sculpture on Lake Aa, in Munster, the films central idea is that of profanation.

Jon Campbell in Counter Compositions, Artbank, Sydney

21 January 2016
A4 Jon Campbell 2105 TIME AND PLACE Enamel Paint Cottonduck 140 x 105cm

The exhibition takes works from the Artbank collection and contextualises them within the dynamic colour compositions of Vassallo and Lieutenant’s wall-based work.
'Counter Compositions' opens on January 21 continues until April 16.

John Ward Knox, bodies of water (falling), Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington

21 January 2016
bodies of water falling

The second exhibition in Ward Knox's two part series has opened at Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington. A big exhibition of tiny works, it is on show until 2 February 2016

Laurence Aberhart in 'Luminous Wolrd' at NAS Gallery

14 January 2016
Taranaki from Wanganui 14.2.09

Luminous World brings together a selection of contemporary paintings, objects and photographs from the Wesfarmers Collection in a conversation about light. The exhibition includes works by 50 leading Australian and New Zealand artists.

Saskia Leek in 'Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show', Auckland Art Gallery

15 December 2015
2015 necessary distraction leek

Responding to the question 'What can painting offer that other art forms cannot?', the artworks selected and commissioned for this survey of 20 established and emerging New Zealand painters share a focus on material and form, and are deliberately open ended.

Michelle Nikou, Tender Thing, Adelaide Town Hall

10 December 2015
OH 2012

'Tender Thing: Contemporary Art and Archives' opens today at the Adelaide Town Hall. Featuring the work of Michelle Nikou this exhibitions pairs the works of 9 South Australian artists with pieces from the Adelaide City Council's archives to explore the way we keep and treasure memories. On show until 5 February 2016.

John Ward Knox, bodies of water (rising), Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington

10 December 2015
bodies of water rising

John Ward Knox's latest exhibition 'bodies of water (rising)' is on show now at Robert Heald Gallery Wellington. A big exhibition of tiny works, this is the first in a two part series. Ends 23 December.

Noel McKenna at Ten Cubed, Melbourne

9 December 2015
Tall dog at table 2015e

Noel McKenna has been named as one of the last artists collected by Ten Cubed, a private collection based in Melbourne, which is open to the public. Founded by Dianne and Jack Gringlas and Ada Moshinksy, Ten Cubed focuses on the in depth collection of ten key Australian artists.

Jess Johnson, Wurm Haus, National Gallery of Victoria

5 December 2015
IMG 1988

'Ixian Gate' is the centerpiece of the exhibition, where visitors are invited to don virtual reality headsets and immerse themselves in a 360-degree, dystopic world. Using Oculus Rift technology visitors are submerged in Johnson's altered reality, with the walls of the exhibition creating an additional layer through geometric patterning, visual motifs and a suite of drawings.

'The Alchemists: Rediscovering Photography in the Age of the Jpeg' Symposium at SCA.

5 December 2015
Interior sheet

Ben Cauchi and Professor Geoff Batchen will engage in conversation about the opportunities and limitations associated with deploying antique processes in a contemporary art practice. 10am - 5pm, Saturday 5 December SCA Auditorium, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, Kirkbride Way, Rozelle

Noel McKenna, Art Basel Miami Beach

3 December 2015
8. Noel McKenna Reading Room Oil on plywood 42 x 44cm 2015 moth 3

Noel McKenna is showing some new works with mother's tankstation at Art Basel Miami Beach, 3-6 December 2015.

Jon Campbell in 'Faux Fair', c3 Contemporary Art Space

2 December 2015
CAMPBELL.Fuck Yeah 2014

This year c3 have engaged a field of curators to each develop an idea of a fictional gallery exhibiting at a faux art fair within c3. Each space will present 2-10 artists, depending on the curator’s vision and all works will be for sale with 50% commission paid back to the artists. All remaining proceeds will go directly to lowering the gallery fees for c3 exhibitions in 2016.

Mark Hilton Half Flush Book Launch, Melbourne

28 November 2015

Following on from his current solo exhibition at Darren Knight Gallery (12 November - 14 December 2015), Perimeter Editions are hosting the launch of HALF FLUSH in Melbourne. Join Mark Hilton for the launch and a book signing this Saturday 28 November, from 3 - 5 pm at Gertrude Glasshouse, 44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood. The book features an essay by John Thomson, co-director of Foxy Production, New York.

PAMELA performance

28 November 2015
banner pamela gad2015 1

PAMELA is the brainchild of Melbourne artists Jon Campbell, Minna Gilligan and Georgina Glanville. The band formed in the painting department of VCA to play the end of year BBQ in 2011 and have kept on going. The PAMELA sound is classic folk/pop, vocal heavy, with acoustic strumming and tambourine flourishes. Witty songwriting and sing along choruses will leave you smiling and clapping.

Grayson Perry/Kushana Bush, City Gallery, Wellington

21 November 2015
KUSHANA BUSH.Flogging 2014e

Bush’s work will be shown alongside Grayson Perry’s tapestry 'Map of Truths and Beliefs' (2011) at City Gallery Wellington. Bush's intricate and colourful tragi-comic paintings comment on modern life but are loaded with references to arts of other times and places—to Indo-Persian miniatures, and Japanese prints, illuminated manuscripts and early-Renaissance paintings.

Michael Stevenson, 'Signs & Wonders', Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark

20 November 2015
Michael Stevenson.Charlottenborg.4

The exhibition includes three pairs of home-built flight simulators, with take viewers on a flight to/from the airstrip of an isolated Papua New Guinea Highland mission, where small planes play a vital role in navigating the difficult terrain.

Each simulator is arranged in a way where time is suspended by a tension that exists where the aircraft collide and do not collide.

The exhibition continues until 21 February 2016.

Michael Stevenson in conversation with Jan Verwoert

19 November 2015

Join Michael Stevenson in conversation with German art critic Jan Verwoert, contributing editor at frieze magazine, tonight as they discuss Stevenson's artistic practice and his new, comprehensive installation Signs & Wonders, opening tomorrow at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark. Thursday 19 Nov 5 - 6.30 pm, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark.

Ben Cauchi in 'The Alchemists: Rediscovering Photography in the age of the Jpeg', Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.

30 October 2015
CAUCHI. That Which Can Be Seen Is Not All There Is. 2013

Curated by Suzanne Buljan, Cherine Fahd & Dr. Martyn Jolly this exhibition features work by 25 artists from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand who use experimental darkroom processes to exemplify new analogue/digital forms that collapse historic processes and future innovations.

On show until 6 December.

Charlie Sofo, 'Feeling Material', c3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

28 October 2015
11252371 946009405479926 84752371 n

Feeling Material' is an exhibition that presents 10 newly commissioned works at c3 Contemporary Art Space and across various sites at the Abbotsford Convent and beyond. At its heart, this project seeks to provide a space to facilitate the adventurousness and precision of sculptural and spatial practice in Melbourne. Working across propositions, actions, movement, sculpture, sound, and landscape/architectural processes, the artists involved traverse a wide spectrum of approaches to constructing, highlighting and viewing many phenomena.

John Ward Knox, Sculpture Terrace Commission, Auckland Art Gallery

23 October 2015

John Ward Knox's new site responsive work, Hardly Held Lightly, has been installed on the sculpture terrace of Auckland Art Gallery.

More than a kilometre of industrial chain has been transformed into three vast weavings, imitating the webs of a giant spider. Ward Knox draws on an arachnid's sensibility, by modelling the complex decisions about shape, link and length required to create a natural spider's net.

The installation has been supported by the Chartwell Trust and will be up until 5 June 2016.

Anne Wallace in Lurid Beauty, National Gallery of Victoria

9 October 2015
wallace.Damage 1996

Lurid Beauty comprises over 200 paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, fashion, films and photographs as well as theatre and performance in an in-depth exploration of Surrealism and its influence on Australian art and creative life.

Ricky Swallow in Technologism at MUMA

3 October 2015
IMan Prototypes 2001.email

Technologism, a major group exhibition bringing together forty-three historical and contemporary artworks, including several new commissions from Australian practitioners. Technologism wrestles with the profound cultural, social and political impact technology has made on art since the 1960s.

Ronnie van Hout, The Dark Pool, at CCP, Melbourne

2 October 2015
Creature Mummy 2015

In 'The Dark Pool' van Hout considers the point where art crosses a line—and society turns against it.

In 1971, successful American toy company Aurora and acclaimed film director Stanley Kubrick both released products into the world that generated strong negative reactions. A firestorm of controversy saw Aurora close its doors, and Kubrick retreat from public life, withdrawing his film from view.

Aurora's toys and Kubrick's film crossed an invisible boundary—becoming a threat to the normal social and family structures, threatening to throw them into chaos. Society retaliated, pushing these products back, down to the dark pool, to wait for the day they could return.

Ronnie van Hout in DEADPAN, Goulburn Regional Gallery

2 October 2015

Deadpan is an exhibition that features five Australian artists brought together by their use of humour in contemporary practice. Pranks, stunts, one-liners, these artists' use comedic strategies to articulate the human condition and the figure of the artist.

Jon Campbell exhibiting at Gallery Side 2, Tokyo Japan

29 September 2015

Opening 29 September, Jon Campbell, Takeo Hanzawa & Devin Troy Strother exhibit at Gallery Side 2, Tokyo, Japan.

Ronnie van Hout included in Body parts, AGNSW, Sydney

26 September 2015

Ronnie van Hout photographs are included in Body parts, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 26 September 2015 - 31 January 2016.
Body parts features a selection of works by Australian and international artists that focus on photography’s ability to communicate the extent of the body both physically and metaphorically.
The featured artists are: David Bailey, Ruth Bernhard, Robert Besanko, Jamie Bradbeer, Warren Breninger, Jane Burton, Paul Cox, Lynn Davis, Max Dupain, Ralph Gibson, Douglas Holleley, Ronnie van Hout, Simone Mangos, Tracey Moffatt, Lewis Morley, Sue Paull, JeanLoup Sieff, Shomei Tomatsu and William Yang.

Jon Campbell included in Freementle Arts Centre Print Award 2015

25 September 2015

Jon Campbell's lithograph, 'Up Shit Creek' has been included in the Freementle Arts Centre Print Award, 25 September - 15 November 2015.

Louise Weaver in Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition 2015, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, South Korea

11 September 2015
Much Deeping 026

Works by 40 artists, from 15 Asian countries including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines and Australia will be displayed, as well as a series of dynamic performances and an International Art Conference.

Laurence Aberhart, ANZAC at Pataka Art + Museum, New Zealand and Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

11 September 2015
Alexandra 80

Comprising more than 60 prints, taken over a period of three decades the exhibition features poignant images of WWI monuments from across Australia and New Zealand. Each of Aberhart's images, document a single ANZAC figure, all photographed using long exposure and available light, and gives a unique insight into the memorialisation of war.

Noel McKenna - Winner - Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize

3 September 2015
MCKENNA Noel Farm Scene

The 2015 panel of judges included Tattersall's Club Committee Member Michael Paramor, Curatorial Manager of Australian Art QAGoma, Jason Smith, Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Nick Mitzevick and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education and Art at the Australian Catholic University, Lindsay Farrell.

Chris Bond - 'Kraken: sixty six emails, a face and a gesture'

2 September 2015
Chris Bond Kraken Rise installation view side 2 2015 monitor box 32 x 50 x 27cm

In late 2014 Bond invented a Norwegian artist named Tor Rasmussen (also known as Kraken), who came to stay at his house for a six week domestic residency. During this time he caused significant upheaval, documented through photography, video, and textual correspondence. Bond plays Kraken, the residency program manager Julie Redfern, as well as a version of himself, simultaneously dissolving and expanding the self. Primary motivation for assuming these personae lies in the possibility of using channelled, imagined forces to break self-conditioned responses to ideas and materials, and imagine new ways of being, acting and making. This exhibition forms part of Bond's Master of Fine Arts study at the VCA, and includes the launch of the book KRAKEN:TEXT.

Laurence Aberhart, Concrete, Istanbul, Turkey

29 August 2015
Westbrook Toowoomba Qa 2013

This exhibition was first shown in 2014 at Monash University Museum of Art reflecting, as part of the First World War commemorations, on issues such as memory, loss, destruction and trauma.

'Concrete' Istanbul brings together 22 Australian, Turkish and International artists to explore the concrete, or the solid and its counter: change, and the malleable flow of time. The exhibition continues until 26 September.

Louise Weaver in Venice & Biennale Artists at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

29 August 2015
Proposition for a floating Palazzo

An exhibition of limited edition prints produced in collaboration with APW by artists who are currently participating in the 2015 Venice Biennale, and those who took part in the APW's 2007 Venice Project. This exhibition continues until 29 August.

Punkasila perfoming at Yogyakarta Arts Festival (FKY).

26 August 2015

This years festival, which carries the theme DAN DAN, is being held over 18 days in the Garden Culinary Condong Catur, Yogyakarta, where the public can enjoy a variety of art and cultural events, both traditional and contemporary as well as culinary treats.

Michelle Nikou in CACSA Contemporary 2015

6 August 2015

CACSA Contemporary 2015 celebrates the leading contemporary art produced in South Australia, and features the work of Michelle Nikou. The exhibition is spread across multiple venues and continues until August 30.

Charlie Sofo, Pedestrian, Hoff Project Space

5 August 2015
Bird 1 still

Charlie Sofo is included in the group exhibition Pedestrian, at Hoff Project Space, National Art School, Sydney, 5 - 7 August.

Curated by Jaime Tsai, this is an exhibition about the slowness of walking, the flows of traffic, and the mundane experience of the everyday.

Tim Woodward - The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize

31 July 2015
Diversification quotes and questions 2015

Tim Woodward is a finalist in The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize at Griffith University Art Gallery. The winner will be announced on the opening night Friday 31 July and the exhibition continues until 29 August

Ben Cauchi, Carbon Content, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin

25 July 2015
Of Secrets and Lies

Kreuzberg Pavillion is an independent non-profit project space, offering regular shows each Saturday. Since their inception in 2010 they have held over 120 exhibitions by 800 artists. Ben Cauchi will show his work alongside artists Sinta Werner, Hanna Mattes, Fred Sandback, Markus Wüste, Daniele Bornino, Marc Philip van Kempen and Sean Hannan.

Matlok Griffiths -Comfort Room Forms Book Launch

25 July 2015
Matlok ComfortRoomForms Spreads 05

Join Matlok Griffiths for the launch of his new book 'Comfort Room Forms' at Long Division Gallery, School House Studios, 81 Rupert St, Collingwood on Saturday 25 July from 3 - 5pm.

The 80-page book is a mix of 4-colour and 1-colour reproductions of Griffiths' drawings, which he made whilst living in the tropical island city of Dumaguete in the Philippines surrounded by the smell of fried chicken and gasoline.

Matlok will be doing a book signing, and a selection of works on paper from the book will also be on view.

Hiding in Plain Sight: A selection of works from the Michael Buxton Collection, Bendigo Art Gallery

18 July 2015
van Hout 010

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of this major private collection, the exhibition will present works by 16 of Australia's leading artists including Jess Johnson's recent work 'The Wurm Turns Against' 2014, Ricky Swallow's 'Last of the unnatural acts' 2007, Ronnie van Hout's 'Bed/Sit' 2008 (pictured) and Louise Weaver's large installation 'Taking a Chance on Love' 2003. The show runs from 18 July - 27 September 2015.

Michael Stevenson, The Fountain of Prosperity, SculptureCenter, New York

16 July 2015
MCA411 355

The Fountain of Prosperity was created after Stevenson's extensive research into the Phillips Machine or Moniac - a hydro-mechanical computer invented in 1949 by Bill Phillips with the purpose to represent fiscal and monetary flows in a national economy. The Monaic was initially used for educational purposes but it was later marketed to developing countries. Stevenson's sculpture is inspired by this market shift, and stems largely from archival and field research in Guatemala, where the central bank purchased a Moniac in 1953.

An accompanying public program includes presentations by critic Justin Farago, curator Lauren Cornell and anthropologist Michael Taussig, each discussing the work through a different lens. Copies of Stevenson's related publication c/o The Central Bank Guatemala will also be available.

This work is presented in collaboration with the Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, through its 'Viewing Room' program. Viewing hours are Thursday - Monday 11 am - 6 pm.

Danius Kesminas, artist talk, Kaliningrad, Russia

16 July 2015

Kesminas will discuss his recent projects, including his fixed installation in the forest of Nida, Lithuania titled 'Tunnel in Kaliningrad' which deals with topics of borders and communication.

This event is organised by the Baltic branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts with support from Nida Art Colony, Lithuania and Gate art space.

Tim Woodward in GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art

11 July 2015
Ring around the dowser install IMG 0351

Tim Woodward's work 'Ring Around the Dowser' is featured in the exhibition 'GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art' opening at Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art today. The first of a series of exhibitions profiling Queensland visual artists, this exhibition aims to reflect the dynamic culture of Queensland Art today.

Shot amongst the Donald Judd sculpture on Lake Aa, in Munster, Germany, Woodward's film sees Father Thomas Frings from the Church of the Holy Cross speak for 11 minutes on what profanation means to him.

GOMA Q runs from 11 July - 11 October 2015.

Jon Campbell, Finalist in the 2015 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards

9 July 2015
Fuck Yeah 2014 e

Jon Campbell has been announced as a finalist in the 2015 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards for his work Fuck Yeah 2014. 42 works by 44 leading and emerging Australian artists have been shortlisted for the award, with a prize pool totaling $9,500

The shortlisted works will be on display at Geelong Gallery from 22 August - 22 November 2015, with the winner announced on 21 August. This years selection panel includes Geelong Gallery director Geoffrey Edwards, curator Lisa Sullivan and Wendy Garden, senior curator at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.

Noel McKenna, Finalist in the 2015 Sulman Prize, AGNSW

9 July 2015
Home Interior Door A

Noel McKenna's work Domestic Interior: Door A 2015 has been shortlisted for the 2015 Sulman Prize, held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from 18 July - 27 September 2015.

McKenna is a previous recipient of both the Sulman and Wynne prizes, having won the Sulman Prize in 1994 and the Wynne prize for Watercolour in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005. Last year his works Domestic Interior 2014 and Wharf, Palm Beach 2014 were hung in the Sulman and the Wynne respectively. Winners of this years prize will be announced on Friday 17 July.

Mark Hilton, 12 Month Studio Residency, ISCP, New York

9 July 2015
Mark Hilton.dontworry.2012 2014

Having just completed his six month Australia Council Residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York, Mark Hilton has been awarded a 12 month residency at the studios, which commenced July 1.

Hilton will return to Australia for two months in September, and take up a studio at Artspace, Sydney while he completes work for his forthcoming exhibition at Darren Knight Gallery, 14 November - 12 December.

Danius Kesminus, NAC Residency, Lithuania

9 July 2015
Rooms Available

Danius is currently participating in the NIDA Art Colony Artist in Residency program in Nida, Lithuania. Located on the Curonian Spit, the program aims to foster critical thinking, creativity, innovation and collaboration between artists,critics, researchers, designers and architects from Lithuania and across the world.

Mark Hilton - artist talk, ISCP, New York

30 June 2015

Having recently completed his six month Australia Council residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, Hilton will be giving a talk at the studios from 6:30pm on 30 June. Hilton will discuss what it means to be human in contemporary society by asking the question: is altruism really a form of self-interest?

Patrick Hartigan, Casual Conversation, Minerva, Sydney

27 June 2015
HARTIGAN.Conversation Piece 2014

Patrick Hartigan is included in the group exhibition Casual Conversation, opening today at Minerva, Sydney. The exhibition continues until 8 August.

Tim Woodward - A Surrogate for Fear of Sculpture

26 June 2015
Surrogate For Fear of Sculpture FAC2015

A Surrogate For Fear of Sculpture is a new work by Melbourne artist Tim Woodward, developed while in residence at Fremantle Arts Centre. Focusing on FAC’s 150 year transformation from convict asylum to cultural institution, Woodward has explored the effect of this cultural site as a curious collapse of discipline and leisure. Creating a discursive mix of sculpture and storytelling, his public installation is inspired by the globus sculptural villain of the BBC Spy-Fi series ‘The Prisoner’ (1967-68).

A Surrogate For Fear of Sculpture is offered as a place to sit and read short fictional stories written by the artist, each story imagining a different sculptural antagonist into the FAC compound. On display from 26 - 28 June.

Chris Bond, Michelle Nikou, Michael Stevenson and Ronnie van Hout in Writing Art, Artspace, Syndey

25 June 2015
Chris Bond Strangler Vines of the World 2014 oil on canvas 28 x 26 x 2 cm left side view

Writing Art illustrates how the use of text has evolved into an integral and multifaceted aspect of contemporary art. Featuring the work of over 40 artists, this exhibition, curated by Scott Donovan, opens Thursday 25 June and continues until 16 July.

Robert Rooney in Art as a Verb, Artspace, Sydney

25 June 2015
ROONEY.Coppelia Covent Garden 1940 2004

Rooney's work is included in the exhibition Art as a Verb on show at Artspace, Sydney until 26 July. The exhibition, first displayed at Monash University Museum, is a major thematic show which addresses the concept of art as action, presenting a range of projects from the 1960's to today that challenge the traditional role of the artist, the art object and the exhibition space.

Laurence Aberhart, ANZAC, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

25 June 2015
Rongahere 2 Otago 2010

This major exhibition of more than 60 prints, taken over a period of three decades features poignant images of WWI monuments from across Australia and New Zealand. Each of Aberhart's images, document a single ANZAC figure, all photographed using long exposure and available light, and gives a unique insight into the memorialisation of war. This touring exhibition, was launched at Dunedin Public Gallery in April 2014 as part of the 2014 WWI commemorations and is subsequently touring across Australia and New Zealand. The exhibition is on show at Auckland Art Gallery until 6 December 2015.

Matlok Griffiths and Rob McHaffie in Shots Off the Dices

20 June 2015
MatlokGriffiths StepsInto3DoorApartment.NicholasThompsonGallery

Matlok Griffiths and Rob McHaffie both have works in the exhibition 'Shots Off the Dices' opening tomorrow at Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne. The exhibition has been curated by Rhys Lee and continues until 19 July.

Charlie Sofo in Somewhere in the city, Arts Project Australia

13 June 2015
Cats 1

Somewhere in the city explores the fabric of our urban environment and aspects of daily life through both individual and collective experiences. Everyday, mundane routines and scenes are re-imagined, revealing the way that built environments can both activate and impede our engagement with our surroundings. Set against the backdrop of the city and the suburbs, quotidian rituals unfold through visions that are familiar and unexpected. From quiet, overlooked corners of the metropolis, to the drone of rush-hour traffic and city crowds, the artists navigate shared spaces and the structures that form them.

Chris Bond, Who is Mr Favisar?, Trocadero Art Space,

13 June 2015
The Devils Spit cane 2015 oil acrylic and soil on timber 114 cm

‘MR FAVISAR’ is the course code for ‘Masters of Research Fine and Visual Arts’, at the University of Melbourne. ‘Who is Mr Favisar’ is a group exhibition made up exclusively of MFA candidates graduating from VCA in 2016, which raises questions regarding the position of a post-graduate fine arts student, within both the emerging art scene, and the institution. ‘Who is Mr Favisar’ also addresses the issues of identity within the emerging arts scene – how does one carve a position for themselves, and make themselves more interesting, more desirable?

Hahan in 'Indo Pop: Indonesian Art from APT7' at Noosa Regional Gallery

12 June 2015

Indo Pop: Indonesian Art from APT7 showcases works from the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Comtemporary Art (APT7). The touring exhibition will feature works in a variety of media and styles, and represents a young and exciting group of artists gaining widespread international attention. The selection highlights the importance of the exciting emerging arts centres of the Asia Pacific region and raises some of the artistic, political and social issues of one of our closest neighbours.

Kenzee Patterson in Right Here Right Now, Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

6 June 2015
Capture 0019

Kenzee Patterson is featured in Right Here Right Now, Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest, 6 June - 23 August 2015. This exhibitions showcases the work of twenty Sydney artists who are challenging the traditions of painting through experiments with colour, form, material and space.

Louise Weaver in Colourwheel, AGNSW

30 May 2015

Bringing together works from the AGNSW's Australian and International collections, Colourwheel celebrates the dynamic ways in which artists have used colour. Encompassing plastic, embroidery, video, digital animation and even bread the exhibition reflects the revolution that occurred in the modern age, when new technologies created new colours which vastly changed the way we viewed the world. Colourwheel is on show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from 30 May 2015 - 29 May 2016

Jennifer Mills - Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2015

30 May 2015

Mills' 2015 work 'In the echo chamber (double take, Geoghegan College, 1984)' was shortlisted from more than 1,500 entries and will be in the running to win the $15,000 major prize. The Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2015 is on show at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, 30 May - 26 July 2015.

Kenzee Patterson, Album Cover Artwork

30 May 2015

Kenzee Patterson's work is featured on the cover of John Metcalfe's latest album 'The Appearance of Colour', produced by Real World Records.

Now Representing Matlok Griffiths

29 May 2015
Matlok Griffiths.Sunglasses in LostProperty 2015

Darren Knight Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of Melbourne based artist Matlok Griffiths. Griffiths will hold his first solo exhibition with the gallery in February 2016.

Laurence Aberhart in Remain in Light: Photographs from the MCA Collection

22 May 2015
Ipswich Queensland 28 August 1997

This touring exhibition of over 70 artworks by Australian and international photographers, collected by the University of Sydney and the Museum of Contemporary Art over a 50 year period is now on show at Artspace, Mackay. The exhibition provides a broad overview of photographic practice and explores themes such as documentary photography, serial photography, performance photography and the manipulation of the photographic image.

Chris Bond in Field (wooden cypher) at Blindside Gallery

7 May 2015
Chris Bond Field Wooden Cypher Hinge 2015 polyurethane on pine 140 x 52 x 11 cm

Chris Bond's collaborative exhibition with Lynette Smith opens tonight at Blindside Gallery, Melbourne. The exhibition continues until 23 May.

Field (wooden cypher) is part of an open-ended investigation of the way we find meaning in things and events. To ‘find it’, it seems that all you have to do is be present. The world and its interpretive possibilities seem given to you in some way. Chris Bond and Lynette Smith are interested in how that happens and the blindness that, paradoxically, makes it possible to see that meaning as a given. We know there is no way of getting around that so we look instead for the possibility of pleasure (or another truth) in obscurity, uncertainty, incompleteness, deception and the inauthentic.

Rob McHaffie - Finalist in the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize

2 May 2015

Rob McHaffie has been announced as a finalist in the 2015 Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize, with his work Sylvia 2015. The exhibition will be on show from 2 May - 13 June, with the winner announced on 7 May.

Mark Hilton ISCP Open Studio

23 April 2015

Open Studios is a free three-day event when the public is invited to view international contemporary art at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn. Twenty-eight innovative artists are currently in residence, including individuals from 17 countries in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, who will present work in their studios. Open Studios provides access for the public to experience 28 “studio visits,” to see and talk about art in its place of origin and to share conversations with ISCP residents from all over the world.

The opening reception is Thursday 23 April 6-9pm. The Studios are open Friday 24th and Saturday 25 April from 3-8pm.

Jess Johnson at TCB Wallace Arts Centre

21 April 2015
MneumonicPulseA 1081 03828

Mnemonic Pulse references an instrument described in Frank Herbert's 'Dune' novel, designed to imprint images upon the mind of the wearer. Unhinged from time and place, Jess Johnson’s immersive animation propels us through a first-person viewpoint into an eerie, arcane and seductive parallel universe.

Jess Johnson in Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits

21 April 2015
Jess Johnson.WWWMMM 2014e

Monash University Museum of Art's latest exhibition 'Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits', curated by Lars Bang Larsen and Marco Pasi, and featuring the work of Jess Johnson opens 21 April.

The major group exhibition takes as its departure point the art of forgotten Victorian-era Spiritualist Georgiana Houghton (1814-1884), and features contemporary and historical painting, sculpture, video and photography that both explore and adopt Spiritualist practices and methodologies.

The exhibition is on show until 27 June.

Chris Bond in Field (Marginal Light) a collaboration with Lynette Smith, at Westspace

10 April 2015
Awakening 2015 charcoal on raw canvas 90 x 60 cm

In this exhibition Bond and Smith explore the way we find meaning in things and events, suggesting we can find pleasure in obscurity, uncertainty, incompleteness, deception and the inauthentic. The exhibition is on show from 10 April - 9 May.

Rob McHaffie in Beg Borrow Steal at Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds

10 April 2015
Rob McHaffie Peak Hour

This exhibition explores the many different ways in which people explore or are stimulated by the cultural experience of visiting or living in other countries. In 2011 McHaffie took up an Asialink residency at Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, after which he lived for a period of time in Thailand. Since returning to Melbourne in 2013, McHaffie's work has dealt with issues of cultural tourism, and been influenced by traditional Thai arts such as puppetry.

Chris Bond - Kraken, an encounter at VCA Student Gallery

2 April 2015
Untitled Kraken looking up 2015 ink print on archival paper 41 x 61cm

Bond's VCA Masters work is on show in the VCA Student Gallery for one day only, on 2 April. Gallery hours are 9am - 3pm.

Chris Bond and Jess Johnson - Finalists in the 2015 Guirguis New Art Prize

28 March 2015
The Devils Spit cane 2015 oil acrylic and soil on timber 114 cm

GNAP15 is a $20,000 biennial, acquisitive art prize administered by Federation University and presented in association with the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The finalists exhibition is on show at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and Post Office Gallery, Federation University from 11 April - 31 May.

Laurence Aberhart, Joanna Braithwaite, Alan Constable, Saskia Leek, Noel McKenna, Charlie Sofo, Anne Wallace and Louise Weaver in Collectors' Space, Surry Hills

28 March 2015
Interior Alexandra Central Otago 30 August 2012.

The 2015 Collectors Space comprises works from five different private collections in Sydney, and features the works of eight Darren Knight Gallery artists. Curated by Glenn Barkley, the exhibition is an amalgam of differing styles and tastes, yet is expertly grouped to convey each owners' love for contemporary art and their passion for collecting. Collectors' Space closes this weekend.

Uji 'Hahan' Handoko in Back to the Future #2: Underline

28 March 2015
Untitled4 909x1536

Back to the Future is a survey exhibition presenting works created by three artists at Ace House Collective, over the last decade. The exhibition focuses on the importance of drawing in each of these artists' practices. The exhibition continues until 11 April.

Laurence Aberhart - ANZAC, touring exhibition

28 March 2015
Millers Flat 2010

In 2013 Laurence Aberhart completed the final phase of his WWI memorial photographic series, which he had been working on for over thirty years. This major touring exhibition of over sixty prints is on show at Tauranga Art Gallery, New Zealand until 10 May.

Laurence Aberhart in Remain in Light: Photography from the MCA collection

28 March 2015
Vicksburg Mississippi 28 September 1988

This touring exhibition traces the development of contemporary photographic practice over the last 50 years. Drawing on works from both the MCA Collection and the JW Power Collection, the exhibition presents Australian photographers alongside international artists and illustrates the story of the recent history of photography from the 1960s to present day.

Jon Campbell, Art Basel Hong Kong, Discoveries Section

13 March 2015
CAMPBELL.2014.FuckWit e

Jon Campbell’s practice has explored vernacular language and popular culture through paintings, drawings, neon light works, installations and musical performance. The new paintings proposed for Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 will be a continuation of Campbell’s ongoing exploration of the visual potential of language.

Jon Campbell in It’s gonna take a lotta love, Franklin Street Works, Connecticut

7 March 2015

It’s gonna take a lotta love is a group exhibition that explores ideas about inclusivity, authenticity, and commonality in an age of anxiety, isolated individualism, and virtually lived experience.

Jess Johnson in Electric Affinity at Alaska Projects

25 February 2015
Jess Johnson.WWWMMM 2014ee

Unhinged from time and place, Jess Johnson’s immersive animation installation 'Mnemonic Pulse' propels us through a first-person viewpoint into an eerie, arcane and seductive parallel universe. This animation will be accompanied by a pair of site-specific wall paintings.

Jon Campbell in 'Written in Light', Geelong Gallery, Victoria

14 February 2015
CAMPBELL.Pure Bewdy 2011 black full view ON

Jon Campbell has two neon works included in the exhibition 'Written in Light' at Geelong Gallery, Victoria until 10 May

Chris Bond in Taking it all away, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

18 December 2014
Chris Bond Ruin Decay Collapse 2014 oil on canvas 29 x 25 x 3.5 cm left side view

For the MCA's upcoming exhibition of works from the collection, artist Christian Capurro has invited Chris Bond to create a response to his work 'Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette' (1999-2004). Bond has responded by creating a replica of the work which will be on show at the MCA from 18 December - 22 February 2015.

Rob McHaffie exhibition at Schoolhouse Studios

4 December 2014
McHAFFIE.Waiting for a taxi.2013.email

An exhibition of new ceramics and works on paper by Rob McHaffie will be on display at Schoolhouse Studios from 4 - 25 December.

Jon Campbell - The Design Files Open House

4 December 2014
JohnCampbell Vertical1 portrait 600x800

The annual pop-up event is on again in Melbourne. This year the TDF team are building a house from scratch and will include works by Jon Campbell. The event will be open to the public for four days from 4 -7 December, location still to be announced.

Laurence Aberhart - ANZAC

1 December 2014
Brydone Southland 2010

Late last year Laurence Aberhart completed the final phase his WWI memorial photographic series, which he has been working on for over thirty years. This major touring exhibition of over sixty prints will be on show at Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare O Rehua, Whanganui from December 2014 - March 2015.

Mark Hilton ISCP Residency

1 December 2014
Dontworry Full Edited 100

Last year the Australia Council announced Mark Hilton as a recipient of the International Studios and Curatorial Program residency, New York. Mark will take up the residency in December this year. The resulting works will be exhibited at DKG in 2015.

Jon Campbell Greene Street Studios

1 December 2014
CAMPBELL.What are you fuckin lookin at 2014 lithograph

Jon Campbell will undertake his residency at Greene Street Studios in December. These works will be shown at the gallery in 2015.

Kenzee Patterson in Different Strokes

29 November 2014
Patterson White guy 2011 e

Kenzee Patterson is included in this exhibition curated by Toni Bailey at Casula Powerhouse, which looks at the role drawing plays in sculptural practice.

Maria Kontis and Jennifer Mills in the Paul Guest Prize

22 November 2014
MILLS.In the echo chamber Broady West Tech 1983 Jinx 2014.e

Maria Kontis and Jennifer Mills are finalists in the Paul Guest Prize at Bendigo Art Gallery. The $12,000 acquisitive prize for contemporary drawing runs from 15 November 2014 - 26 January 2015.

Anne Wallace in Cars = My Automolove, Caboolture Regional Art Gallery

22 November 2014
Green Impala 2013.e

Wallace's work Green Impala (2013) has been included in the exhibition Cars = My Automolove, on show at Caboolture Regional Art Gallery from 22 November - 31 January 2015. The exhibition looks at our love affair with the car, and its role in contemporary society.

Ronnie van Hout in A Kitten Drowning in a Well

21 November 2014
VanHout.To Love and be Loved in return.2014.install.e

Curated by Iakovos Amperidis, this exhibition, a tribute to artist Mike Kelley, takes the form of a curated installation over both of 55's gallery spaces and includes a recent sculptural work by Ronnie van Hout.

Rob McHaffie

28 October 2014

Geelong Gallery have created a new video for their 'Geelong Gallery Channel', in which Rob McHaffie, the recipient of the 2014 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize, discusses his artistic practice and the intentions behind the winning painting, Preserve this fruit (2013).

Video by Ross Bird. Stills by Jesse Marlow.

Jess Johnson - Gertrude Studios Part One Exhibition

17 October 2014
Jess Johnson.WWWMMM 2014ee

Gertrude Contemporary’s 2014 Studio Artists’ exhibition presents new work from the sixteen studio artists at Gertrude Contemporary. Jess Johnson continues to chart points within a shifting reality, with a large wall drawing extending the space into a physical portal to speculative worlds.

Rob McHaffie in Incidents Above A Bar

12 October 2014
Beachcomber 2014e

Rob McHaffie is included in the exhibition Incidents Above A Bar (part 3) - I Probably Don’t Like You, curated by Nick Devlin and Fergus Binns

Robert Rooney - Portrait Photographs 1978 – 1987

11 October 2014
75 RR Self Potrait..e

A selection of Robert Rooney's portraits from 1978-1987 are on show at Tolarno Galleries.

Noel McKenna in Sublime Point: The Landscape In Painting

11 October 2014
McKENNAUpper Hunter Valley Vista2011.e

This exhibition brings together 25 leading painters from across the country, who share an interest in the landscape as subject.

Jon Campbell on TDF

9 October 2014

Jon Campbell is interviewed by The Design Files for their online blog. Read the full interview at their website.

Arts Project Australia Charity Auction

5 October 2014
Faith in You

Jon Campbell, Rob McHaffie, Noel McKenna and Chris Mason have works in the upcoming Arts Project Australia Charity Art Auction held at Leonard Joel, Melbourne on Sunday 5 October from 5pm.

Rob McHaffie - Flowers

4 October 2014
Nun gardening.2014e

Rob McHaffie has curated this exhibition of nine artists from Sydney, Melbourne and Malaysia whose work responds to the beauty and symbolism of flowers.

Andrew Blythe in Everyday Imagining: New Perspectives on Outside Art

1 October 2014
BLYTHE.Untitled AB4055.e

Darren Knight Gallery project artist Andrew Blythe will be included in the exhibition Everyday Imagining: New Perspectives on Outside Art, 1 October - February 2015, at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. The exhibition, curated by Joanna Bosse, will coincide with the inaugural international conference Contemporary Outsider Art - The Global Context, presented by Arts Project Australia and the University of Melbourne. The event will take place at the University from 23 - 26 October. For the full program of events visit the conference website.

Chris Bond in Faux Novel

26 September 2014
Chris Bond.The Language of Fracture 2014e

This exhibition, opening on 25 September, explores text and fictional storytelling as an art and exhibition making strategy. Bond will exhibit a work by his alter ego Edith Mayfield, as well as two fictional book works. The project is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Jon Campbell and Anne Wallace - NGA Contemporary

26 September 2014

This inaugural exhibition in the new NGA Contemporary features a selection of significant works from the National Gallery of Australia's collection of 21st century Australian art including works by Jon Campbell and Anne Wallace.

Michelle Nikou - Vacancy, Contemporary Food Lab, Berlin

15 September 2014

For her exhibition at Contemporary Food Lab Exhibition Space, Berlin, Nikou will present a single new work titled Vacancy 2014 (pictured above). This exhibition has been made possible with the support of the Australia Council.

Charlie Sofo - Gertrude Studio's Exhibition

5 September 2014
10525880 274464492764124 5988673677392364559 n

( ) is an exhibition of new work by Gertrude Studio artist Charlie Sofo, on display in Studio 12 until 4 October. This exhibition has been made possible with the support of Arts Victoria.

Rob McHaffie wins Geelong Art Prize

4 September 2014

Rob McHaffie has won the 2014 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize for his work 'Preserve this fruit' 2013. The $30,000 acquisitive prize for painting is held biennially .

Judge Charlotte Day said the winning work ‘reflects Rob McHaffie’s distinctive approach to painting involving processes of modeling and collaging. Although modest in scale, his paintings are sharply perceptive reflections on the paradoxes of contemporary life. As well as nodding to traditional Thai folk painting, this work can be appreciated as an allegory of Western and colonial attitudes to the East.’

Louise Weaver in 'The Museum of Abject Sentimentality'

4 September 2014

Louise Weaver's work 'Lighthouse' is included in the exhibition 'The Museum of Abject Sentimentality', curated by Phil Edwards, which opens today at RMIT School of Art Gallery. The exhibition continues until 12 September. For more information visit the gallery's website.

Chris Bond in Superfictions 1: The Art Fair Murders

30 August 2014
Chris Bond.Edith Mayfield 2014e

Bond has two works included in Peter Hill's curated exhibition at KINGS ARI. This exhibition is part of KINGS' 2014 Limitless City Festival of Abstraction, Materiality and Authenticity.

Noel McKenna - A Focus, Newcastle Art Gallery

23 August 2014
Sea creature

Continuing their series of focus exhibitions, Newcastle Art Gallery presents Absurdia, works by Noel McKenna from the gallery's collection.

The Lepidopters

20 August 2014

Punkasila, Slave Pianos, Tunas Mekar Balinese Collective, June Mills (Gunluckiinimul), The Woolybutts, Michael Keiran Harvey present The Lepidopters (Part 4) at the Darwin Festival, The Lighthouse, Darwin, Australia, 20 August 2014.

Darren Knight Gallery at Melbourne Art Fair

9 August 2014

Darren Knight Gallery at Melbourne Art Fair, Stand E117, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, 13 - 17 August 2014.

Darren Knight Gallery at Spring 1883

9 August 2014

Darren Knight Gallery at Spring 1883, Suite 224, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, 14 - 17 August 2014.

Ronnie Van Hout

6 August 2014

Ronnie van Hout's 2014 work Brett and Michelle will be shown in Auckland next Thursday 14 August, as part of the annual CIRCUIT symposium: Locating the Practice: Exhibiting Artists’ Moving Image. Ronnie will be partaking in a Skype interview following the screening.

Rob McHaffie and Noel McKenna

24 July 2014

Rob McHaffie and Noel McKenna have been shortlisted for the 2014 Basil Sellers Art Prize. The winner of the $100,000 acquisitive prize will be announced Friday 25 July, and the exhibition will be on show at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne until November.

Jon Campbell and Rob McHaffie

24 July 2014
CAMPBELL.Are you fucking kidding me.2014e

Jon Campbell and Rob McHaffie have been selected as finalists in the 2014 Geelong Art Prize. The recipient of the $30,000 acquisitive painting prize will be announced on Friday 29 August, and the exhibition will run from 30 August - 23 November at Geelong Gallery

Melbourne Art Fair

24 July 2014

For the 2014 Melbourne Art Fair Darren Knight Gallery will present a selection of gallery artists including new and recent works by Kushana Bush, Jon Campbell, Noel McKenna, Ronnie van Hout and Louise Weaver. For information about Melbourne Art Fair and tickets please visit the website.

Spring 1883

24 July 2014
CAMPBELL.People are stupid.2014e

Darren Knight Gallery is excited to participate in the new art fair Spring 1883 to be held at the Windsor Hotel. We will be presenting a selection of gallery artists including new and recent works by Jon Campbell, Jess Johnson, Rob McHaffie, Noel McKenna and Charlie Sofo.

Michael Stevenson

24 July 2014

Michael Stevenson has been included in the 8th Liverpool Biennial, A Needle Walks into a Haystack, curated by Mai Abu El Dahab and Anthony Huberman. Stevenson's work is on show in The Old Blind School. For more information on the Biennial visit the website

Kenzee Patterson

24 July 2014
Return to Form 2014

Kenzee Patterson is one of seven artists included in a group exhibition at Firstdraft gallery which opens tonight. The title of the exhibition comes from the name given to the reaction created when submerged sections of ice-bergs melt underwater. The title alludes to the fact that there is more to see in these artists works, beyond what is visible.

Uji 'Hahan' Handoko Eko Saputro

24 July 2014
The Almighty from the Trinity series 2014

Hahan has been commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre to create a large wall mural for the exhibition 'The List', which aims to establish relationships with the youth of the Campbelltown area, engaging them with contemporary art practice.

Joanna Braithwaite

24 July 2014
Small Small World 2013

Joanna Braithwaite is the third artist selected for The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Rotating Art program. The program showcases leading contemporary Australian artists to the banks's clients, employees and stakeholders, strengthening the institutions ongoing commitment to Australian art. The 2014 Archibald Prize finalist will present a solo exhibition which spans her practice from 2005 through to 2014, and includes works from her most recent exhibition with Darren Knight Gallery, as well as several new paintings. The exhibition is on show by private view for four months at The Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Sydney offices.

The Lepidopters

22 July 2014

The Lepidopters will be performed as part of the Darwin Festival on Wednesday 20 August at 7 pm at The Lighthouse, Darwin. Get set for a multimedia experience of intergalactic proportions when the science-fiction space-opera The Lepidopters comes to town. Combining the talents of Melbourne’s Slave Pianos, Indonesia’s Punkasila, virtuoso pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, Indonesian performer Rachel Saraswati and local Darwin artists, this is one incredible multimedia, cross-cultural art odyssey.
A four-part science-fiction comic written by Mark von Schlegell and Derham Groves, and drawn by ‘Iwank’ Erwan Hersi Susanto, The Lepidopters tells the story of an invasion of the Indonesian archipelago by alien moths, who plan to colonise Earth by engaging in inter-species reproduction. The fourth part, newly written especially for Darwin Festival, sees the hybrid moths settling in the Top End.

Kushana Bush

22 July 2014

Kushana Bush exhibits in 'Where do I end and you begin' as part of the Edinburgh Festival, City Art Centre, Edinburgh, 31 July - 31 August 2014. Join curator Aaron Kreisler and some of the New Zealand artists taking part in the exhibition for a special discussion and tour focused on their involvement in the project at 3 pm, 3 August 2014.

Tim Woodward

15 July 2014

Curated by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise, the 2014 MAF Video program is a new sector showcasing moving image and new media work by Australian artists at the forefront of their field. Organised into four themed exhibitions, Tim Woodward's work A film is cut to the swing of a clock 2014, will be presented in the 'Quotidian Rhythms' section alongside artists Nathan Gray and Sonia Leber and David Chesworth.

Joanna Braithwaite finalist in the 2014 Archibald Prize

10 July 2014

Joanna Braithwaite has been selected as a finalist in the 2014 Archibald Prize for her portrait of author Colleen McCullough.

Colleen McCullough is one of Australia’s most successful authors. ‘It was quite an adventure to journey to Norfolk Island to meet her,’ says Joanna Braithwaite. ‘I specifically went to Norfolk because I wanted to seek out and paint Col, as she calls herself, because I have been a long-term fan of her books.

‘I knew Col was a feisty intellectual, not only from her books, but also from television interviews I had watched. She has a passion for art and has exhibited her own works in the past. The maps and portraits of Roman historical figures found in her series of books titled Masters of Rome were all drawn by her own hand. I make reference to this in my painting with the book she is holding.

‘Colleen has dedicated her life to writing books so I chose to surround her with them. In my portrait there are several references to her passions and to objects that I saw in her home. These include a bust of Caesar and an Egyptian cat.’

Braithwaite has been exhibiting for nearly 30 years throughout New Zealand and Australia. Her work was the subject of the 2011 exhibition Significant others at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery. She has been shortlisted for many awards including the Sulman Prize, the Gallipoli Art Prize and the Portia Geach Memorial Award. This is her second time as a finalist in the Archibald Prize.

Noel McKenna finalist in the 2014 Wynne and Sulman Prizes

10 July 2014

McKenna's painting Wharf, Palm Beach 2014 has been shortlisted for the Wynne Prize, and his work Domestic Interior 2014 has been shortlisted for the Sulman Prize. McKenna is a previous recipient of both awards, having won the Wynne Prize for Watercolour in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005, and the Sulman Prize in 1994.

Ricky Swallow

15 June 2014

Ricky Swallow in 'Made in LA', Hammer Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles, curated by Connie Butler and Michael Ned, 15 June - 17 September 2014.

Michael Stevenson

28 May 2014

Michael Stevenson is in the 2014 Berlin Biennale, 29 May - 3 August 2014.Curated by Juan A. Gaitan, the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art will bring together a range of local and international artistic positions that explore the intersection between larger historical narratives and individuals' lives. Thus, the 8th Berlin Biennale aims to counterpoise the empirical and the authoritative approaches to history and historical becoming. The research for the 8th Berlin Biennale is structured along three speculative approaches toward the city of Berlin: in its relationship to the built environment, in its relationship to citizenship, and in its relationship to labor. Another focus lies on ways in which the 18th and 19th century Berlin is contemplated within our current cultural landscape.

Jess Johnson

28 May 2014

Jess Johnson wins the 2014 National Works on Paper Prize. The acquisitive prize was won by Johnson for her work Mysteria Mystica Maxima 2014. The three judges, Jane Devery, Curator Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Jenepher Duncan, Curator Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia and Jane Alexander, Director, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery said that 'Jess Johnson is an outstanding young artist with a singular vision. .

Jess Johnson

23 May 2014

Jess Johnson - 'Gamma World', Original MCA Facade, Vivid Sydney Festival, 23 May - 9 June 2014.

Jess Johnson, Jennifer Mills, Tim Woodward

23 May 2014

Jess Johnson, Jennifer Mills, Tim Woodward, 2014 National Works on Paper Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria, 23 May - 20 July 2014.

Kenzee Patterson

20 May 2014

Darrey Knight Gallery and Artspace are pleased to congratulate Kenzee Patterson as the recipient of the 2014 NSW Visual Artist Residency at the Darling Foundry in Montreal, Canada.

Laurence Aberhart, Noel McKenna

10 May 2014

Laurence Aberhart and Noel McKenna in 'Conflict: contemporary responses to war', UQ Art Museum, Brisbane, 10 May - 7 September 2014.

Laurence Aberhart

3 May 2014

Laurence Aberhart in 'Concrete', Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 3 May - 15 July 2014.

Noel McKenna

2 May 2014

Noel McKenna - A Walk from One Tree Hill to Half Moon Bay, Two Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand, 2 - 31 May 2014.

Chris Bond

30 April 2014

Chris Bond exhibiting in 'The medium is the message', La Trobe University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 30 April - 27 June 2014.

Tim Woodward

16 April 2014

Tim Woodward is included in 'House Lights', TCB inc. Melbourne, 16 April - 3 May 2014.

Laurence Aberhart

12 April 2014

Laurence Aberhart, 'ANZAC' Dunedin Public Art Gallery, New Zealand, 12 April - 31 August 2014.

Slave Pianos/ PUNKASILA

12 April 2014

The Lepidopters: A Space Opera - performances 12 and 13 April at Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne. Science fiction meets cross-arts mavericks, Slave Pianos, joining with the 40-member Astra Choir, Yogyakarta art/punk music collective Punkasila, Indonesian singer/dancer Rachel Saraswati and virtuoso pianist Michael Kieran Harvey to present The Lepidopters: A Space Opera.

Tim Woodward

23 March 2014

Tim Woodward, 'Ring Around the Dowser', Geomuseum, Munster, Germany, 23 March - 23 April 2014

Jess Johnson

12 March 2014

Jess Johnson - Mnenomic Pulse - a video collaboration between Jess Johnson and Simon Ward (with soundtrack by Andrew Clarke) Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, 12 March - 17 April 2014.

Andrew Hurle

26 February 2014

Andrew Hurle, 'Geldumlaufgeschwindigkeit (the velocity of money)', The Institute of Contemporary Art, Newtown, 24 February - 18 March 2010.

Ricky Swallow

13 February 2014

Ricky Swallow will be exhibiting as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial. Curated by Stuart Comer, Anthony Elms and Michelle Grabner, the Whitney opens 7 March 2014 and continues through until 25 May.

Chris Bond

13 February 2014

Chris Bond is included in 'Ex Libris - the book in contemporary art', 22 February - 25 May, Geelong Gallery, Victoria.

Patrick Hartigan

13 February 2014

Patrick Hartigan is included in 'Solitaire', 22 February - 27 April 2014, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Melbourne.

Ronnie Van Hout

13 February 2014

Ronnie van Hout exhibits at ICAN, Newtown, Sydney, 27 February - 16 March 2014.

Kenzee Patterson

13 February 2014

Kenzee Patterson exhibits at Bus Projects, Melbourne, 19 March - 5 April 2014.

Tim Woodward

11 February 2014

Tim Woodward presents a selection of new works made while in residence at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris. 'A black line wriggling on a white street' is open 11 - 12 February 2014 in Studio 8202 at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Jon Campbell

10 January 2014

The latest Melbourne 'Art Tram' was launched this week with a design by our own Jon Campbell. See a video of the work being applied to the tram by clicking on the link below.

Mark Hilton

3 December 2013
hiltonbook NGV

The Mark Hilton book 'Don't Worry' was launched at the National Gallery of Victoria on 30 November 2013. The book documents the making of the artist's recently completed sculptural project 'Don't Worry' and includes essays by Dr Chris McAuliffe, Jarrod Rawlins, Amita Kirpalani and Maria Tumarkin. Published by the Michael Buxton Collection.

The work 'Don't Worry' is currently on display in 'Melbourne Now' at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Jess Johnson, Michelle Nikou, Ricky Swallow

3 December 2013

Jess Johnson, Michelle Nikou and Ricky Swallow are included in 'Future Primitive' curated by Linda Michael at Heide Museum of Modern Art, 23 November 2013 - 2 March 2014.

Anne Wallace

27 November 2013

Anne Wallace is included in 'Suburban Noir' opening Saturday 30 November at the Museum of Sydney. Curator Peter Doyle will speak about the exhibition 11.30 - 12.30 am.

Ricky Swallow

15 November 2013

Darren Knight Gallery announces the inclusion of Ricky Swallow in the 2014 Whitney Biennale, 7 March - 25 May 2014.

Mark Hilton

14 November 2013

Mark Hilton is the Victorian recipient of a 2013 Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Contemporary Art Award.

Chalie Sofo

14 November 2013

Charlie Sofo included in 19th Biennale of Sydney, 21 March - 9 June 2014 - 'You Imagine What You Desire', curated by Julianna Engberg.

Maria Kontis

14 November 2013

Maria Kontis included in 'Australia: Contemporary Voices' curated by Geoffrey Cassidy at the Fine Art Society, London, 11 November - 21 December 2014 .

Rob McHaffie

22 October 2013

Congratulations to Rob McHaffie, finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

Kenzee Patterson

22 October 2013

Congratulations to Kenzee Patterson, finalist in the Fisher's Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2 November - 16 December 2013.

Laurence Aberhart, Kushana Bush

17 October 2013

Congratulations to Laurence Aberhart on receiving a NZ Arts Foundation Laureate Award and to Kushana Bush on receiving the Foundation's New Generation Award.

Jennifer Mills

16 October 2013

'In the Echo Chamber', 18 new drawings by Jennifer Mills will be included in the University of Queensland National Artists' Self Portrait Prize opening 19 October 2013.

Jess Johnson, Michelle Nikou, Ricky Swallow

15 October 2013

Jess Johnson, Michelle Nikou and Ricky Swallow are included in 'Future Primitive' at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 23 November 2013 - 2 March 2014.

Melbourne Now

15 October 2013

Darren Knight Gallery artists included in 'Melbourne Now' are: Chris Bond (with Drew Pettifer), Jon Campbell, Mark Hilton, Jess Johnson, Slave Pianos, Charlie Sofo and Ronnie Van Hout. The exhibition opens on 22 November and includes over 300 artists, architects, designers and creative practitioners. This will be one of the largest and most ambitious shows in the museum's history.

Kenzee Patterson

6 August 2013

Kenzee Patterson included in 'Never Eat Soggy Weet-Bix', TCB Art Inc. Melbourne, 7 - 24 August 2013.

Laurence Aberhart

19 July 2013

Laurence Aberhart - The Other Side, Lismore Regional Gallery, opens Friday 19 July at 5.30 pm. Exhibition runs 20 July - 25 August 2013.

Jess Johnson

16 July 2013

Darren Knight Gallery is proud to announce Jess Johnson's inclusion in Primavera 2013 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 12 September - 17 November 2013.

Ricky Swallow

11 July 2013

New work by Ricky Swallow included in 'Labour and wait', Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2 July - 22 September 2013.

Ricky Swallow

10 July 2013

Grapevine - Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Michael Frimkess, John Mason, Ron Nagle, Peter Shire - curated by Ricky Swallow, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, 13 July - 17 August 2013.

Louise Weaver

29 June 2013

TarraWarra Museum of Art (TWMA) celebrates its tenth anniversary year in 2013 with the launch of the inaugural TarraWarra International 2013, presenting the exhibition Animate/Inanimate. Artists from around the world are creating haunting and beautiful works that consider the profound interconnections between diverse life forms (natural, animal and human) and visitors will have the opportunity for a unique experience in an exhibition which include installations, sound works, sculptural elements and video works by leading artists from Australia, the USA, India and China. This show includes new work by Louise Weaver.

Ronnie Van Hout

10 May 2013

The piece entitled 'Comin' Down' is a larger than life figure pointing skyward with a strangely elongated arm and is part of Christchurch Art Gallery's 'Populate' programme to install art works in various locations around the city. See the art gallery's Facebook page for some great installation shots.

Robert Rooney

28 March 2013

'Robert Rooney - The Box Brownie Years 1956-58', curated by Maggie Finch and Patrick Pound with Robert Rooney at The Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.
An exhibition of never before exhibited black and white photographs taken by Robert Rooney with his Box Brownie camera between 1956-58. These photographs will be shown alongside three key paintings from the time and a recent film 'The Quadrangle 1956' (2009) made with these early images. Opens Thursday 28 March at 6 pm. Exhibition runs from 3 April - 19 May 2013.

Joanna Braithwaite

15 March 2013

Congratulations to Joanna Braithwaite, finalist in the AGNSW Sulman Prize.

Noel McKenna

15 March 2013

Congratulations to Noel McKenna, finalist in the AGNSW Wynne Prize.

Laurence Aberhart, Noel McKenna

8 March 2013

'South of no North' is curated by the MCA's Glenn Barkly and includes artists, Laurence Aberhart, William Eggleston and Noel McKenna. The show came about as part of the MCA's series of exhibitions in which an Australian artist's work is shown in an international context. Noel McKenna selected Laurence Aberhart (NZ) and William Eggleston (US) as two artists he greatly admired and would like to exhibit with. There are similarities in the way these artists focus on everyday suburban subjects. In an interview with Art Guide's Tracey Clement, Glenn remarks 'I think there is something sort of magical about the three of them in that they are finding something beautiful in banality. If you open your eyes you can see it, but of course it's not that easy. That's why they are such great artists, because their eyes are open'.

Ricky Swallow

27 January 2013

'A Handful of Dust' is curated by Laura Fried and includes artists, Ricky Swallow, Mark Hagan, Jay Heikes, Erin Shirreff, Zin Taylor and Allyson Vieira. Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, 27 January - 24 March 2013.

Jon Campbell

30 November 2012

Join Jon Campbell for the last MCA ARTBAR of the year titled 'Shit Yeah - Jon Campbell Rocks the MCA'. The event features sounds on the terrace by DJ duo, 'Dads with earrings', accoustic performances, lectures by the artist and friends, gallery tours with a twist and an elevator performance by Peter Oxley of 80s pop-rock sensation, 'The Sunnyboys'.

Jess Johnson

18 October 2012

We are delighted to welcome Jess Johnson to the gallery.

Michael Stevenson

29 September 2012

Michael Stevenson presents a solo exhibition, 'A life of crudity, vulgarity and blindness' at Portikus, Frankfurt from 29 September to 2 December 2012.

Rob McHaffie

14 September 2012

Rob McHaffie talks to Michel Lawrence at Inside Art about the works in his current exhibition 'Let's see how it goes'.

Jon Campbell

14 August 2012

Jon Campbell speaks to Clara of Spacecraft Studio about the 'Yeah Flag'.

Jon Campbell

3 August 2012

We are delighted to congratulate Jon Campbell on winning the Basil Sellers Art Prize 2012.

James Morrison / Ricky Swallow at Melbourne Art Fair 2012

1 August 2012

We are pleased to present new works by James Morrison and Ricky Swallow at Melbourne Art Fair 2012. Drop by Stand D01 or click the link below to view images. 1 - 5 August 2012.

Maria Kontis

5 July 2012

We are delighted to welcome Maria Kontis to the gallery. She will have a solo exhibition with us early next ye

James Morrison

3 July 2012

The July/August issue of Art Guide features James Morrison in his studio with some great images. James is working on new paintings for the Darren Knight Gallery Stand at Melbourne Art Fair, 1 - 5 August 2012.

Danius Kesminas

21 April 2012

Tinnitus brings together artists, curators, critics and historians to discuss and debate the frequent but overlooked exchanges between art and rock music since the 1960s. Harvard hall, Room 104, 21 April 2012. Presentations start at 9 am.

Post-planning: Damiano Bertoli, Julian Hooper, Andrew Hurle, Alex Martinis Roe, Michelle Nikou at the Ian Potter Museum of Art

31 March 2012

'Post-planning' refers to the unplannable, to doing away with preconceived ideas and starting something before you know where it finishes. The term comes from architecture and urbanism, but has more recently been used as an idea within curatorial practice. Hybrid terms like this suggest a way of crossing between disciplines, between straight lines.

The exhibition Post-planning allows us to follow artists who adapt methods in a similar way; making work by searching the mid-ground, applying ideas from one context or discipline to another. These five artists explore meta-structures and systems in their work. They seek the intensities that are produced at places of transition, edges, intervals and intersections. Each of them is more interested in patterns of thinking and new directions than in finish or conclusion.

'Volume One: MCA Collection' curated by Glenn Barkley

29 March 2012

Works by Rob McHaffie, Noel McKenna, Michelle Nikou, Robert Rooney, Charlie Sofo, Ricky Swallow and Louise Weaver are included in 'Volume One: MCA Collection' at the MCA Australia curated by Glenn Barkley. This exhibition features works by Australian artists drawn from a period of acquisitions which began with the constitution of the MCA in May 1989.

Charlie Sofo

17 March 2012

Charlie Sofo has been included in NEW12 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 17 March - 20 May 2012. Curator Jeff Kahn in conversation with Charlie Sofo Wednesday 21 March at 6 pm. This event is free. Bookings essential.

Ben Cauchi

19 February 2012

Ben Cauchi, the 16th artist in residence at the McCahon House studio has spent the summer months creating a new series of work capturing the bush and surroundings at French Bay, but in no ordinary way. Using the 160 year old wet collodion photographic process, a technique developed just after the daguerreotype, Cauchi presents haunting glass plate images that transport you back in time. Like an alchemist, Cauchi subtly mixes reality and our perception of reality in his carefully observed and recorded works..

Ben Cauchi

19 February 2012

Photographer, Ben Cauchi moved into the residence on Sunday 30 October for his three month Summer residency. His work is created by a wet collodian process on glass or metal in a process dating back to the 19th century. A temporary darkroom was set up in the studio as timing is crucial in this process.

Euan Macdonald

13 January 2012

'Euan Macdonald: Open Tuning' at the Hayward Gallery in London, Exhibiton runs from 14 January - 19 February 2012. Euan Macdonald will present a solo exhibition at Darren Knight Gallery in March 2012.

Ben Cauchi

6 December 2011

Ben Cauchi wins Arts Foundation New Generation Award in New Zealand's first national art awards.

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